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Why are we changing our uniform standard?

While we have always tried to uphold a high Uniform Standard at LCA, over the years, that standard has become more vague and confusing, thus resulting in a “look” that is not standard across campus or within divisions.  We also believe that a simpler, more standardized uniform standard will help our faculty and administrative staff more easily help our students look their very best.

When does the new uniform standard go into effect?

Full implementation of the new uniform standard goes into effect for the 2018-2019 school year, thus giving our families a year to transition.  While not requiring immediate purchase of new uniforms, we encourage our families to go ahead and purchase any new items they might need for the 2017-2018 school year from Dennis School Uniforms, our exclusive provider.  All required pieces of the uniform standard will be available for the 2017-2018 school year, if desired.

Is Dennis Uniform the only provider of uniforms for LCA students?

Yes, Dennis School Uniforms is the exclusive provider for LCA. Dennis provides an excellent product at a fair price.  In order to have true uniformity in terms of color, style, fit, and our unique logo, one vendor is our best option.  

How do we purchase uniforms?

While Dennis Uniforms does not yet have a storefront in the DFW area, they will be on campus several times a year for fittings and ordering. They will be providing LCA with our own “mini website” in order to make online ordering very easy.  Dennis Uniforms has been an American based company since 1920; their products are 100% guaranteed and are cut, sewn, and assembled by hand in their factory in Portland, Oregon.  Dennis offers a seamless and simple return process, and they take pride in their exceptional customer service.

What does daily wear, dress uniform, and spirit dress mean?

Daily wear is what students will normally wear Monday through Thursday.  

Dress uniform, formerly known as “chapel wear,” will be worn on specific occasions throughout the school year when we want to have one uniform look (i.e. special chapels, school-wide events, guest speakers, symposiums, etc.).  

Spirit dress is reserved for Fridays, as well as any other day designated by a principal or the head of school.


Must all the shirts have the school logo?

Yes, beginning in 2018-19 all daily wear polo shirts must have the official school logo.  Dennis Uniforms will provide these shirts in several styles, fits, and color options.  We are pleased to announce that Dennis Uniforms has a dri-fit option in green and white for the 2017-2018 school year; black will be available for the 2018-2019 school year.

Will the outerwear standards change and when will these changes take effect?

Yes, outerwear changes take effect in the 2017-18 school year.  The Dennis Uniforms quarter zip sweatshirt will be approved outerwear for both boys and girls. The black, quarter-zip, dri-fit pullovers sold in the Spirit Shop are also approved for outerwear.  Upper School students will wear the blazer as approved outerwear on dress uniform days. Letter jackets will continue to be approved outerwear for  Upper School boys and girls. Team specific outerwear is approved on Fridays and other designated spirit dress days.  When wearing outerwear on daily wear days, polos must be worn underneath.

What about all of the LCA sweatshirts I currently own?

Hold onto them!  Any LCA gear purchased from the Spirit Shop or Booster Club may be worn on designated spirit dress days.

Will we still have spirit days?

Yes!  We have spirit days on Fridays or any other day designated by a principal or the head of school.  Please see the description of what is allowed for spirit dress.

My old plaid items still fit and look good.  May I still wear them?

Yes! The old plaid purchased from Parker Uniforms is the same pattern as the plaid provided by Dennis Uniforms; however, the material is slightly different.  As long as the skirts meet modesty requirements, you are free to continue wearing them.  Any new plaid should be purchased through Dennis Uniforms. While Dennis does not offer a plaid option in shorts or pants, girls are allowed to continue wearing their current plaid shorts/pants for the 2017-18 school year.

What kind of socks and shoes are allowed?

Socks that are not distracting in design or that do not bring undue attention to the student are allowed.  Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel. Shoes may not have lights, wheels, or bells.  They must not be a safety hazard.  Boots may be worn with pants.  Shoes for the dress uniform must be a black or brown dress shoe. 

Can seniors still wear college clothing?

Yes, at the discretion of the upper school principal, seniors will be allowed to wear college clothing on specified days.

Can my student still wear last year’s clothing for daily wear, including my current Land’s End and uncrested polo shirts?

Yes. For the 2017-18 school year, the daily wear is the same as it always has been with the exception that no sweatshirts will be allowed and polos must be worn underneath outerwear.

Can pants and shorts still be purchased through a vendor of our choosing or do they need to be purchased through Dennis Uniforms? 

Dress uniform khaki pants must be purchased through Dennis Uniforms. Daily wear khaki pants and shorts may be purchased through any vendor.  No holes, rips of any kind, decorations, elastic or cut-offs may be present in the apparel.  Length and tightness of garments must meet modesty guidelines. No cargo pants or shorts are allowed for daily wear, dress uniform, or spirit dress.

Can I go ahead and buy all new uniforms for daily wear?

Absolutely! We realize you are probably purchasing new clothing each year anyway, so you are encouraged to make the switch now!

Can I purchase the dress uniform from local vendors?

No. Dennis Uniforms is our exclusive vendor. All uniform clothing items must be purchased through them. Optional items such as tights, socks, shoes, and belts that meet our new uniform code may be purchased from other vendors.  However, Dennis Uniforms offers these items as well.


Where can I see pricing for the new uniforms?

Dennis Uniforms is putting the final touches on our pricing sheets and custom portal. Everything will be ready in time for the fitting days in July.


Can I try on the uniforms before purchasing?

Yes. There will be fitting days announced where Dennis Uniforms representatives will be on campus to assist you. Also, there will be sample sizes available in a uniform kiosk on each campus for fitting throughout the year.


What is Dennis Uniforms’ return/exchange policy?

Dennis Uniforms makes returns and exchanges fast and easy. Click here for detailed information.


Will the Spirit Shop still sell clothing?

Yes. You may still purchase used clothing from the Spirit Shop for daily wear and t-shirts and outerwear for spirit dress days in the 2017-2018 school year. However, we recognize that it may take a few years for them to build up their inventory with the new uniform options in 2018 and beyond.  We also plan to offer a “swap shop” option in the future where you may turn in your used, outgrown uniform items for credit towards right-sized items.  A “swap shop” will result in significant savings for our families.


Is there a required shoe for the dress uniform?

Yes, there is an updated shoe standard for Upper School students.   A specific brand or style of shoe will not be required. However, we do ask that you follow the new shoe standards. Dennis Uniforms offers shoes that meet these standards through our uniform portal.


Will boys have to wear pants every day?

No. On designated dress uniform days, boys will be required to wear pants, but for daily wear they can choose the shorts option.


Will we still be able to wear spirit shirts?

Yes. Early Ed, Lower School, and Middle School students will still be allowed to wear spirit shirts on Fridays. Upper School students will be allowed to wear team shirts and spirit wear on Fridays.


What ties will be allowed for the dress uniform?

All ties that were purchased in the Spirit Shop or through Parker Uniform are still acceptable.  We will providing a special “senior tie” that will be distributed to all seniors at no cost to them.


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What is Eagle Expo?

Eagle Expo is Legacy's back to school event (always held the Saturday before school starts) where you can sign up for booster clubs, turn in nurse's forms, sign up for lunch accounts, purchase spirit wear, meet your teachers and more!

What can New Families do during the VIP time?

Everything! We simply wanted to provide a time when it will be less busy and our teachers and volunteers can focus on meeting you and answering your questions.

Where should I go?

Join us in your respective schools (PreK-8 to South Campus and 9-12 to North Campus). Each campus will have the same stations and opportunities.
*New Families are invited to attend a VIP time at 9:00 am. Report directly to the campus where your student will be taking classes.

What is the dress code?

This is a casual event; students do not need to be in dress code.

Should I bring my students?

Absolutely! This is the perfect time for them to meet their teachers, pick up schedules, and get themselves oriented and ready for the new school year. They can even begin to decorate lockers during the come & go time from 10-11:30.

What if my family can't attend?

While we request that you make every effort to attend, we understand that some people simply cannot. You will have the opportunity to take care of these various sign-ups, purchases, etc. during the first week of school. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your principal's administrative assistant.

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