Dear Parents:

At Legacy Christian Academy, we desire to foster excellence and distinction in every area of our school, including the external appearance of our students. Because we strive to honor the Lord in all areas of our lives, we want our external appearance to meet that standard as well. To that end, a uniform standard task force, comprised of seven parents and five administrators, was formed earlier this spring to consider changes that would result in a sharper, more unifed look for our students. Their objective was to both simplify and standardize student dress, resulting in a uniform standard that would ease student compliance, simplify enforcement by faculty, and lessen the expense to our families. Accordingly, we will be transitioning to Dennis School Uniforms as the sole uniform supplier for LCA and we will be changing the required uniform over a 15-month transition period.

Dennis School Uniforms has been in the school uniform business for decades and is a respected manufacturer and supplier of school uniforms across the country. As we began researching uniform companies, Dennis quickly became the favorite. When we visited with other schools that use Dennis as their supplier, we received only positive feedback about their service and the quality of their clothing. On top of that, Dennis provides the look, fit, and pricing we desired.

We acknowledge the impact that any uniform transition has on a family. For this reason, we are taking steps to ensure that the impact on students and parents is minimal.

FALL OF 2017

Each student will be required to possess one uniform set that meets the “dress uniform” standard. This will be more formal attire required for certain chapels, field trips, and special occasions when a more dignfied, uniform look is appropriate. Updated “daily wear” options will be available for purchase, but not required until the 2018-2019 school year. In other words, the clothing you now possess will apply to daily wear for the 2017-18 school year. Only the “dress uniform” and “spirit dress” standards apply for next year.

FALL OF 2018

Full implementation of the new uniform standards will be completed. “Daily wear,” “dress uniform,” and “spirit dress” standards will be required for the 2018-19 school year.

In anticipation of your questions, we have prepared this Frequently Asked Questions section below. We have also scheduled special fitting days for July 13-15 when Dennis Uniforms representatives will be on campus to assist you in person. We will be sure to communicate those details as the dates approach.

The task force has enjoyed soliciting feedback from various students, parents, faculty and staff as we have considered sensible revisions that make both the compliance and enforcement of uniform standard standards simpler for all stakeholders.

As we strive for excellence in all areas of student life at Legacy, we are confident that these changes will reflect the high standards to which we aspire.

Thank you for your support of our new standards of excellence in student dress.

Onward Eagles!

Bill McGee
Head of School


Any questions not addressed in the FAQ's should be directed to the grade-level principal.

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