Two dozen Intermediate School art students have been honored with the invitation to have their artwork printed in a national publication. Celebrating Art, sponsored by Dick Blick Art Supplies, publishes three editions of superior student artwork annually. In Legacy's first group of submissions, ALL 24 students had their work accepted!

We asked Lin Mayberry, Intermediate School Art Teacher, what this publication means for Legacy's art program. She shared,

Over the past few years, Legacy art students have competed with the best from nearly 40 private schools and usually walk away with a good share of awards. Their success locally inspired me to enter two dozen works in a national contest. I'm not surprised at all that their work was well received, but I was amazed to find that all 24 students were honored with an invitation to publish their art in an anthology that Celebrates Art from both private and public schools nationwide. This has been a great encouragement to all of our students and will continue to be a great showcase for Legacy art.

When asked about having her work published, Sydney Banks, 8th Grader, gratefully responded,

Being selected to be in this book makes me feel like I have used one of the strengths God has given me. I'm thankful for the opportunity my parents have given me to be a Legacy student and to do what I love: make art.

Students selected for publication include:

6th Graders
  • Abbey Benavides
  • Max Dunlap
  • Haley Phillips
  • Brynn Warren
7th Graders
  • Trenton Balcombe
  • Alexa Breedlove-Priestley
  • Benji Brewer
  • Caleb Chambers
  • Jack Dickerson
  • Cole Eisenmann
  • Claire Russo
8th Graders
  • Sydney Banks
  • Eva Bickel
  • Katie Fizer
  • Eliana Rueck
  • Max Sanderlin
  • Sarah Sign
  • Aunie Slyman
9th Graders
  • Clay Blanscet
  • Connor Escobedo
  • Austin Martinez
  • Bryn Taunton
  • Olivia Thomas
  • Natalie Johnson

The work was completed in the Spring and Fall of 2015 and submitted in December. The students received a postcard inviting them to permit their artwork to be published in the Celebrating Art! anthology.