Annual College & Grade-Level Planning Meetings

Each year, our administrators in the Intermediate and Upper Schools set aside a night to discuss in detail the upcoming school year. All meetings will begin at 7pm and be held in the Upper School Commons.

Upper School Info & Dates

For our current 8th through 11th grade families, these evenings focus on college preparation with a intermingled discussion about course selection and the standardized testing done in the fall. Dates are as follows:

  • 1/15 Current 11th
  • 1/22 Current 10th
  • 1/27 Current 8th
  • 1/29 Current 9th

As a former principal and now parent, I cannot stress how vital these meetings are. Not only do they help us, as parents, plan for the future, but they provide crucial feedback on where our students are now.Adam Housley, Associate Head for Advancement

Intermediate School Info & Dates

For current 6th & 7th grade families, these meetings focus on course selection in light of current academic performance and gifting, all the while keeping in mind the high school road map on the horizon. Dates are as follows:

  • 2/2 Current 6th
  • 2/9 Current 7th