On the evening of Wednesday, October 7, Legacy will host three informational meetings for the following sports: boys' basketball (grades 9-12), swimming (boys & girls grades 7-12), and club soccer (boys & girls grades 9-12).

Please understand that the meetings for swimming and club soccer are informational meetings only. Legacy Athletics is still gathering information in an attempt to see how these sports might become included as a part of Legacy. Swimming and soccer are not, as of now, offered as Upper School sports at Legacy.

The club soccer and swimming meetings will be held to gauge interest and share information about the each sport, where they fall on the Legacy radar, and how they might look moving forward.

The boys' basketball meeting will cover topics such as upcoming events, tryouts, schedules, procedures, as well as other helpful information. Both interested players and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Meetings for the sports listed above are Wednesday night, October 7with times and locations as follows:

  • Boys' Basketball (Grades 9-12), 6:00pm, will meet in the Upper School gym and will last approximately 45 minutes.
  • Swimming (Boys & Girls Grades 7-12), 6:00pm, will meet in the Upper School commons and will last approximately 25 minutes.
  • Club Soccer (Boys & Girls Grades 9-12) 6:30pm, will meet in the Upper School commons and last approximately one hour.

Please remember that all of above listed teams are scheduled to meet Wednesday, October 7 at Legacy.