On Friday, November 7, NBA legend Avery Johnson spoke to LCA fifth through twelfth grade students about the best time in their life: NOW!

Johnson, affectionately known as “Coach” or “The Little General” played for the San Antonio Spurs before coaching the Dallas Mavericks from 2005-2008. He now works as an ESPN analyst and speaks to students across the country.

In an engaging presentation, Johnson reminded students that this is the best time in their lives. He encouraged all to strive to be super students with super attitudes who surround themselves with super friends.


Coach with senior, Tom Mask,

who was tasked as “bouncer”

to make sure the crowd was

attentive and engaged

throughout the presentation.


Coach with freshman, Peyton
Roberts,who was called out
as Mr. Attitude, to help
demonstrate what “super
attitude” looks like.


Coach takes a selfie with all
of his helpers following his
presentation. He tasked the
girls to take notes & send
them out over social media.
Varsity Basketball teams &
Mr. Mosley praying over
Coach Johnson following
his presentation.
Coach with freshman
exchange student,
Iverson, who loves the
NBA and all things basketball!
Coach Johnson with Upper
School Principal, Kevin Mosley,
and Varsity Girl's Assistant
Coach, Chuck Guillaume.