Today, LCA Upper School advisory groups made the trek to the south campus to spend time investing in our Early Ed and Lower School students.

The big kids eagerly criss-crossed applesauce on the floor and squeezed into tiny chairs in order to meet the little kids on their turf. They read together, made crafts, sang silly songs, played with blocks and more! The excitement on the faces of the younger students was contagious.

When asked about her time with the students, sophomore, Davi Mask, said, “Relationships are being built here. Now, whenever these kids see us at a football game, pep rally, or other all school event, they will feel a personal connection.” And Josie Murphy added, “We get to pour into the future of Legacy during this time.”

The younger students were sad to see the big guys leave. In fact, one PreK student literally clung to the neck of her new friend, freshman, Darby Schabel. But, take heart, this is not a one-time, isolated event. Upper School advisory groups have already visited twice this year, and it's only September. “Relationships are in our DNA,” shared headmaster Chris Harmon, “and these gatherings are a natural reflection of that.”

Athletic Director, Andrew Embry, added, “These times are crucial for our older students. Sure the little guys look up to the big kids, but knowing this, helps keep our big kids remain grounded. We remind them all that little eyes are watching, always.”