The desire to best serve students was at the heart of Legacy's decision to create an Intermediate School, comprised of grades 5-8. Adolescence has long been cited as the most difficult time in peoples' lives, as they struggle to discover who God has made them to be and simply feel comfortable in their own skin. Dedicating faculty & staff to this unique life stage enables us to provide a safe and challenging learning environment. These teachers get to proactively work with students before they reach full-on adolescence enables students to better understand and navigate what it means to live the Christian life.

A central strategy of the Intermediate School is affording students opportunities to learn more about themselves in light of God's will in a safe and engaging manner. Out of this strategy came the Strengths Initiative (future post forthcoming), where students gain a better understanding of how God made them unique. Chapel series are often organized with this goal in mind as well. Eagle Electives were also birthed from this same strategy. As Mr. Dibley, Intermediate School principal, shares, “Eagle Electives are opportunities for teachers to develop relationships with students in a non-threatening situation. There are no grades or assessments. Often times the teacher is learning alongside the students.” Mrs. Paxton, Legacy Guidance Counselor adds, “The Eagle Elective creates space for students to do something that is just plain fun.”

Now in its forth year, Eagle Elective has become part an integral piece the Intermediate School's DNA. As proof, consider this snippet from Facebook:
Eagle Electives meet five times per quarter and include a variety of options, including cooking, board games, guitar, or learning a new skill like photography.

Mrs. Paxton sums it up this way, “The Eagle Elective gives students a chance to practice Christian community in a safe environment where they can love, serve and encourage, and simultaneously be loved, served and encouraged.”

If you have an idea for or are interested in assisting with Eagle Electives, please leave a comment below!