Congratulations to LCA Second Grader, Emily Deitch, who earned an honorable mention in the 11-Under Mixed Media Category at the Texas State Fair! Emily attended the State Fair this past weekend to personally see her piece displayed, and we visited with her about her award and seeing it live.

Tell us the story behind the piece.

I was at art camp learning about Impressionism. My piece features a girl sitting in a meadow, wearing a blue dress. She is leaning against her umbrella and reading a book. I painted the background first, then I let it dry. After that, I used glue to stick on tissue paper crumpled up to look like flowers and green confetti to look like grass.

How did you come to know about the competition?

Mrs. Dyer sent out an email this summer with a link to the entry rules and my mom told me about it. I really love art and I like to take lots of art classes in the summer so I felt like I wanted to choose a piece and give it a try.

What was the judging process like?

First we had to drive to the fair and turn in my art. We didn't know there were so many categories! Some of them have more age groups than others. Because the piece I chose to bring was three dimensional, we had to turn it in as part of the Mixed Media Category, which meant competing against much older kids so I wasn't sure how I would do. Then we waited a few weeks until they sent an email with the results.

Describe for us what it felt like to receive an award.

I was very happy and surprised when I found out. It felt fun and cool and exciting. The best part was getting to see my work on exhibit at the Fair!