Dr. Harmon & Mr. Housley plan to hit the road on September 8 & 9 to visit with some our alumni. All OSU & ORU students are invited to join them for dinner on Monday at Hideaway Pizza at 7pm in Stillwater. On Tuesday, they will stop for lunch at OBU around 12, and then head to Norman at 6pm (location TBD). We'd appreciate your help in ensuring that all our graduates attending these schools get the word. Thank you, and Onward Eagles!

Kelsie Beers
Hannah Watts
Shelley Reid
Peyton Smith
Bryan Marino
Andy Wallace
Stephanie Lewis
Emily Hillock
Jake Buffington
Marta Venegas
Lauren Buffington
Faith Gabelmann
Brittany Eisenmann
Burke Morris
Kasey Weir
Maddie Keen
Michael Pahl
Sabella Blanc
Jacob Eisenmann
Fernanda Garcia-Olivares
Rachel Ferguson