We are excited to announce that Ms. Holly Hammond and Mrs. Kim Fizer will transition to serve the Legacy Learning Center (LLC) in full-time capacities for the 2016-2017 school year. The LLC initiative, which was announced earlier this year, will service students with diagnosed learning differences and ADD/ADHD.

Ms. Hammond will serve as the Legacy Learning Center program director and LLC teacher in the Upper School. Holly has a Special Education degree from Baylor University and a lifetime K-12 teaching certification. With over ten years experience teaching students with learning differences, Holly served as a lead teacher and school liaison in FISD before returning to Legacy this year. “It is my passion and calling to help students with learning differences realize their potential and the gifts the Lord has given them,” comments Ms. Hammond. “My number one priority in developing the Legacy Learning Center is to provide an encouraging and supportive environment that facilitates student awareness in learning and self-advocacy.”

Mrs. Kim Fizer will serve as the LLC teacher in the Intermediate School. Kim boasts a Master's in Education with a specialization in Special Education. Throughout her 20-year teaching career, she has worked with students with learning differences and autism as well as physical and emotional disabilities. “I have a passion for students who learn differently and love working with parents, teachers, and students in order to focus on the strengths God has given each student,” shares Mrs. Fizer.

The LLC will be incorporated into students' schedules, providing students the extra time they need to receive accommodations as well as an individualized approach to learning and studying. “In my experience,” notes Ms. Hammond, “students who learn differently are often ‘out of the box' thinkers, creative designers, and leaders. Every college our students apply to offers similar learning center environments to assist this special population of students; it is both a privilege and a blessing to do the same here at Legacy.”

The newly designed Legacy Learning Center (LLC) will support qualified students by providing necessary accommodations without changing or modifying the Legacy curriculum. For more detailed information on the LLC, click here. Legacy is currently in the process of hiring a qualified teacher to provide the services in the Lower School.