On Thursday, November 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the LCA Cafetorium, Upper School students will produce and perform Our Town. This performance will be free of charge and open to the Legacy community. Karla Kelley, drama instructor, shared, “Our drama students have already been very successful at the state level in individual and duet acting events. They are now ready for ensemble acting competition which we plan on doing next fall. This production is in preparation for that competition, and our students are learning what it takes to put on a one-act play in a competitive environment. So, while Our Town will be produced on a smaller scale than previous all-school productions, the cast and crew is comprised exclusively of students from the drama program.”

Legacy's drama department was officially started in 2010 with an elective class in the Upper School, followed by an Intermediate School elective the following year. “With our strong commitment to the arts, we always knew we would have a drama program, but it was important that we begin the program in a way that did not take away numbers of students from art, band, or choir causing those programs to suffer. We want all of our fine art programs to be strong and competitive.” shared Fine Arts Director Sandra Clark.

And the program has in fact grown. So popular in fact was the class in the Intermediate School, that the decision was made to include it as an elective for each student at the 7th Grade level, a philosophy similar in fact to what is offered to 5th grade students, who have the opportunity to experience art, band, and choir throughout the year. “At the Upper School,” Mrs. Kelley said, “we added an honors section that complements our regular level drama class.” Not only does this allow for more students to participate in drama, but it also allows those with particular giftings and interest to excel.

Upper School drama students will also have opportunities to compete at more speech competitions. Kelley stated, “In the past, we have only participated in TAPPS at the upper school level; this year we will also compete at ACSI and Texas Forensic Association meets.”