Cyber School Day Added to Handbook

Transition to Inclement Weather Cyber School Policy

Beginning in 2015-2016, Legacy will adopt an Academy Cyber School Day in the event that inclement weather causes school to be cancelled in the traditional sense.

For the 2014-2015 school year, in the event that inclement weather forces school to be cancelled, we will utilize our two built-in snow days.

If inclement weather were to cause school to be closed for any number of days beyond the two-built in days, the Academy Cyber School Day policy, as detailed below, will be implemented.

Academy Cyber School Day Policy

In the event that school is cancelled for inclement weather, an “Academic Cyber School Day” will be implemented.

  • Early Education students will not be given assignments.
  • Lower & Intermediate School students will be assigned work from all core classes; Upper School students will have work from all classes.
  • If school is cancelled, Lower School teachers will send the Cyber School Daily Packet no later than 10:30am via email. Intermediate & Upper School teachers will post assignments on Renweb no later than 10:30am.
  • All teachers will be available for communication from 12:00-3:00pm, via email or other resource if applicable.
  • All Lower School work will be due on the day that students return to campus. Intermediate & Upper School assignments will include due dates.
  • All assignments should be approximately 25 minutes from start to finish for each class/subject.
  • In the event that school is cancelled for additional school days, the Academic Cyber School Day will repeat the procedures outlined above.
  • If a student is unable to complete the work due to a power outage, the teacher will develop an appropriate timeline for the uncompleted work to be finished. A late penalty will only apply if the work is turned in later than this adjusted timeline.

The complete inclement weather policy is always available in our Handbook.