New Upper School teacher, Mrs. Dr. Stone (as she is affectionately known) comes to us from UC Davis. After earning a bachelors in English and History from Texas Tech, Kristin headed out west to pursue her masters and doctorate in History.

After teaching at UC Davis while obtaining her degrees, Kristin and husband, Nathan, moved to Texas. She enjoyed staying home with 2 year old daughter, Rebekah, and subbing at LCA prior to accepting her current position teaching English and History.


While teaching at UC Davis during graduate school, God made it plain that that was not the career path he ultimately had for Kristin. Teaching at a secular university required a lot of sacrifice – giving up time with family, fellowship with believers, the ability to bring faith into teaching. She saw her professors' marriages crumbling all for the sake of their next publication. As she neared graduation, God brought many people into Kristin's life who were affiliated with Christian education. After a lot of prayer, she & her husband became convinced that God's plan for her was in Christian education. Subbing at LCA was an act of obedience on her part until God had fully equipped her for the position she has today.

In addition to sharing her passion for English and history, Kristin most enjoys forming relationships with her students and collaborating with colleagues. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen and Jan Karon.

When asked for an additional interesting fact she would like to share, Kristin replied, “I still have a flip phone with no texting plan. I'm probably the most technologically deficient person on campus!” We also discovered when taking her photo in class, that she can juggle – though not very well when using erasers or expo markers.