4th Grade Geocaching Field Trip

On Thursday, Legacy fourth graders spent the day out and about in Frisco; but this was no ordinary field trip, mind you. As a conclusion to a blended technology and history unit on longitude and latitude and an introduction to a new Texas history unit, students were placed in four-person teams and given the locations to eight secret locations.
“We used iPhones to find our way to each spot by punching in coordinates and telling the adults where to go,” said Jackson Pope, LCA fourth grader.
Parent-drivers took directions from their students as the kids navigated their way to each location, where another parent or community member awaited. Locations included Fire Station 4, council chambers at City Hall, Frisco's Heritage Museum, and Central Park. “The kids loved getting to sit in the mayor's char!” shared Kerri Thompson, LCA fourth grade teacher.
LCA parent, Belinda Pittard, commented, “We covered a great deal of ground, and our kids were engaged the entire time. They especially loved entering the numbers and finding each destinations. What a great way to learn!”
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