Last year we wrote about the Legacy Buddy program, where Upper School students buddy up with PreK and Kindergarten students. Today kicked off this year's Buddy program, and we smiled as big today as we did last year when we saw the pictures.


What a privilege it is to attend one school where relationships are prized not only between teachers and students–but younger and older students too! It seems all too rare today that kids have an opportunity to interact with those outside their immediate generation and peer group.

As Coach Embry shared last year, “These times are crucial for our older students. Sure the little guys look up to the big kids, but knowing this, helps our big kids remain grounded. We remind them all that little eyes are watching, always.”

What's more? On September 25, Legacy will further increase the age gap when we host Grandparents' Day. “Grandparents are an invaluable resource to all of us at Legacy! The importance they play in the life of our school cannot be underestimated. Their love for their grandkids, our students, and the faith they share only reinforces Legacy's mission,” shared Deanna Carpenter, Associate Head of Development.

It's days like these that remind us of what it truly means to be one school, PreK-12, and one community, kids and grandparents alike.