Online Learning

LCA's Educational Plan for 2020-2021


Legacy Christian Academy will launch an educational option for families beginning in 2020–2021, called LCA Online. LCA Online is designed for families who have already made the decision that they do not want their child to attend on-campus learning for the school year. This is a limited- service model that is offered at a reduced rate of tuition—$6000 for K-5th grade and $900-$1000 per class for grades 6-12. Please understand that this option requires a parent to oversee their child’s education as if they are being home-schooled. Our Lower School Library team will support the actual LCA curricular scope and sequence for grades K-5 and periodically check in on student progress, but it will require the student to be self-disciplined and able to learn on his or her own with the support of their parents. For students in grades 6-12, Sevenstar will provide both the curriculum and teachers. Counseling services or access to extracurricular activities are not included in this reduced-price model. However, your student would not lose his/her place at LCA if you decide to return next year (2021-2022). You will be given priority re-enrollment status.


Supervision will be provided by our Lower School Library and the Technology Team. This program requires a high level of independence on the part of students and their families, but it will be closely aligned with our Lower School scope and sequence. Legacy will offer five courses: Bible, English, math, history, and science, but this option will also require parents to be heavily invested in facilitating daily learning for their child(ren).


Legacy will be partnering with Sevenstar Online Academy for these grades. Since 2007, Sevenstar has been a leading provider of online courses for Christian schools and is currently used by more than 500 of them. Sevenstar incorporates a biblical worldview into its courses and is respected for its challenging curriculum. Sevenstar will provide both the online curriculum and faculty support to help families navigate the course materials.

Unlike a traditional classroom, Sevenstar instructors do not lecture and there is no live classroom component. Almost all the curriculum is learned through independent reading and working through the organized material posted online.

Sevenstar instructors will grade assignments, provide feedback, and answer student questions.



Celebrating over 20 years of excellence in education, Legacy Christian Academy is the face of private, Christ-Centered education in Frisco. Since 1999 LCA has partnered with Christian families to develop strong leaders with biblical convictions who are equipped to succeed in college and beyond. With a student body of nearly 1,000, students in Pre-K3 through 12th grade are taught in a safe and nurturing environment by teachers who encourage them to discover and pursue their God-given talents and passions.

Legacy students think future-forward in a Beyond-College-Prep environment that balances academics, athletics, and fine arts.

An array of innovative programs including the Professional Schools Program, Spanish Immersion and LCA You! provide both pre-professional preparation and social-emotional development. Alongside these programs, worship services, scripture application, small group fellowship, and a Christian worldview philosophy all provide a rich foundation for personal and spiritual development.

Legacy is committed to a partnership with Christian families who seek excellence in a Christ-centered education for their children. In the 2020-21 school year, LCA introduced three learning models: On-campus, FLEX Learning, and LCA Online. On-campus instruction is provided in classrooms with an average of 12 students to maximize face-to-face instruction throughout the year. FLEX Learning provides an effective short-term learning solution for students and parents who are currently uncomfortable with the on-campus learning. FLEX Learning engages students through a blend of pre-recorded videos and live synchronous instruction. FLEX Learning affords families the opportunity to return to on-campus when, as a family, they deem it safe to do so. LCA Online is a limited-service model that is offered at a reduced rate of tuition intended for families who have made the decision that they do not want their child to attend on-campus learning for the school year.

Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year for grades with open spaces. Please visit for information about enrollment, application requirements, and how to apply.