At Legacy Christian Academy, academics empower students to impact their culture for the cause of Christ by providing instruction, athletics, and fine arts within the context of a Biblical worldview.

We strive to enable each student to recognize God’s special plan for his or her life and to develop the skills and virtues needed to attain those goals. To help our students explore more personalized possibilities surrounding their interests, passions, and convictions regarding the Lord's leading and calling on their lives, Legacy's Upper School unveiled its new Professional Schools Program. The program represents a shift from the traditional college preparatory model, as Legacy's focus shifts to Beyond College Prep.

This unique mix between the “written” component of learning and our “living” curriculum – composed of our students, faculty, and parents – has gained national attention: Legacy’s Lower School was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2016 and the Upper School was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2017. This honor, bestowed on only 279 public and 50 private schools nationwide, is a testament to the work we do to ensure our students balance a relationship with God through faith in Christ with academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits. By supporting the whole student, Legacy is preparing tomorrow’s leaders in life and faith.

Learn more about academics at Legacy Christian Academy – explore the sections below, or contact us with any questions.

Early Education (PreK-3, PreK-4, Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten)

The Early Education program at LCA offers a rigorous, Christ-centered academic curriculum taught from a Biblical worldview.  Our Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classes learn by participating in hands on experiences from a research-based curriculum that covers early literacy, handwriting, math, science, social studies, and Bible. 

Our Transitional Kindergarten is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of children who are already five, but not quite ready for traditional Kindergarten.  It serves as a bridge for children who, in essence, need the gift of time.  This time is necessary to absorb and express ideas, learn about friendships, assert independence, and examine the world around them.  This extra year of enrichment is truly a blessing.  Our TK learning program consists of Guided Reading and Daily 5 literacy programs, handwriting, math, science, social studies, and Bible. 

All Early Education children participate in a variety of specials that include PE, music, Spanish, library, technology, and chapel.  In addition, they visit our LCA Science lab for enrichment. 

Lower School (Grades 1–4)

LCA Lower School provides excellent academics in an environment where students are loved. Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, TX is dedicated to providing our students with an atmosphere that embraces proper understanding of the world and God's teachings, starting at an elementary school level.

We believe that curriculum is living, meaning that we hire quality teachers who utilize more than just a textbook to teach. A Biblical Worldview, God's plan and purpose, is woven throughout the curriculum.

Classroom curriculum includes phonics-based literacy, mathematics, science, history, and Bible. Students also have the opportunity to grow by participating in enrichment classes that include Spanish, technology, music, art, and physical education.

Lower School meets weekly for age appropriate chapel services. Student worship is a blend of praise songs and hymns, followed by a Bible story that relates to a monthly character quality. Students learn to apply Godly character traits to their own lives through relevant and exciting stories and activities.

We also believe in celebrating our students and their accomplishments. In a monthly Student Spotlight Assembly, teachers recommend students for recognition based on achievement in a variety of categories. Student birthdays are celebrated and friendly competitions are held, making for a fun break from the rigorous academic day.

Clubs and competitions provide opportunities for students to excel in a variety of academic subjects. Parent and grandparent volunteers sponsor a chess club on campus, and this year, we will participate with the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) in spelling, mathematics, writing and storytelling.

Partnering with our Legacy families is important to the success of our learning community. We recognize that Legacy Christian Academy's Lower School is the foundation for preparing our students for Middle School, Upper School, college, and for life.

Get your child started off on the right foot with a proper private school education. Schedule a tour with us today to find out how we can help your child grow and learn the ways of Christ.

Middle School (Grades 5–8)

The Middle School at Legacy Christian Academy was created out of a desire to meet the specific needs of middle school aged students. As this is a critical time in a child's development, we have created an environment that is focused on meeting those needs for acceptance, value and purpose. Providing an education orchestrated to the needs of needs of children this age helps our students grow alongside Christ in a nurturing Christian community.

One of our goals is to prepare students for the transition to Upper School. There are high expectations for all students in regard to academics, athletics and fine arts. In support of this, we are intentional about training students in organization, planning, decision-making and independence.

Another goal is to help students realize their unique potential. Reaching their potential begins with having a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Out of this relationship flows the knowledge that we all have strengths. Students participate in a “Strengths Explorer” study that identifies their top three strengths. Teachers then are able to know and connect with students on a deeper level, and students have a greater appreciation for other students and their strengths.

In developing community, students participate in Eagle Club, which is a small group environment that encourages spiritual growth. Our weekly chapels provide opportunity for worship and Bible-based teaching that relates to students at an age appropriate level. Chapel is an exciting time each week, as students know that it is going to be relevant to them. Due to the wide range of students, we have two separate chapels: one for grades 5-6 and one for grades 7-8.

As part of the Middle School, students will participate in numerous activities over the four years, but two of those highlights include the Sixth Grade Sky Ranch Trip and the Eighth Grade American History Trip to Virginia.

Ultimately, the desire of our middle school is to partner with parents to help raise students who know Jesus, are well-prepared for high school, and have a lot of fun being a part of the Middle School community.

Legacy Christian Academy is committed to properly educating the youth of Frisco, TX so they may grow into young adult leaders. If you're looking for proper private school education for your child, we're here to help. Schedule a tour with us today!

Upper School (Grade 9–12)

More than just a traditional high school, the Upper School at Legacy Christian Academy strives to provide a brighter future for our students. By employing teachers who care about your children and their success, we help them prepare for college both academically and through a deep connection with Christ. With our guidance, young adults develop a strong understanding of the Christian worldview. By creating an intense learning atmosphere, students are challenged but also loved, helping them grow as a person.

We believe strongly in an engaged learning environment that is active and meaningful. Our teachers are tasked with the challenge to not only pass on knowledge, but to compel the students to understand and interact with it. Dates, facts, and terms are useful, but they become relevant when the students grapple with the broader picture of how, why, and what if. We believe that by equipping our students with critical thinking skills that they will not only become impassioned students, but life-long learners.

If you're looking for a high school in the Frisco area that embraces the teaching of Christ, schedule a tour or apply today!

Professional Schools Program

The Professional School Program is an enhancement of the academic framework Upper School students experience that incorporates the best of a university academic structure. Legacy Christian Academy's Upper School will be subdivided into five Professional Schools: Business, Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Humanities, and Fine Arts. In addition to a liberal arts foundation of 22 credits, each professional school will have unique course options, additional areas of concentration, and integrated opportunities for experiential learning, symposiums, and internships. Tap here to learn more about the Professional Schools Program.

Legacy Learning Center

Legacy Learning Center

The Legacy Learning Center (LLC) is designed for those students with diagnosed learning differences and/or ADD. Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools each have their own dedicated room and specially trained teacher. At a cost of $2000/year, this program provides support for qualified students at all grade levels, in order to maximize their potential for success within the LCA curriculum. For specific program requirements and a list of services provided, please review the PDF documents below.

Currently, there is a wait pool for students in grades 5-12. To be eligible for the wait pool, students must complete the application process and be accepted into Legacy Christian Academy. 

For questions, please contact:
Holly Hammond, LLC Director
469.633.1330 ext 355

iLegacy: LCA Technology Initiative

For information on the Upper School 1:1 program requirements, click here.

iLegacy Vision

Legacy Christian Academy provides comprehensive and effective use of existing and emerging technology to engage, challenge and motivate all learners.


Our teachers have always been and will always be our greatest asset at Legacy Christian Academy, and no amount of technology will ever change that fact. It is our belief that technology exists in order that teachers and students might be more efficient and effective.

To that end, we believe it is our responsibility to equip our students and staff with the knowledge and tools that will allow them to function successfully in an increasingly technological society while maintaining their Christian faith and worldview.

Classroom & Teacher Technology

Every teacher at Legacy Christian Academy is issued a laptop, and PreK - Grade 8 teachers are also issued an iPad.  Each classroom is outfitted with a digital projector, and most classrooms have an ELMO.

All PreK students have access to iPads, and each Kindergarten - Grade 3 classroom houses six iPads.  Four iPad carts, equipped with 22 iPads each, are available for checkout for Grades 4 - 8. Middle school students utlize the the CR8 center, which provides access to a 3D printer, interactive technology, and 2 MacBook carts. Additionally, a lower school computer lab is available for PreK - 4 students, as well as a MacBook cart. All Upper School students are educated in a 1:1 laptop environment (click here for program details)

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