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Legacy Christian Academy instills a sense of focus and consideration of the future into the minds of our students. As a college preparatory school, we provide several programs, events, and one on one help to make sure every student sees success after they walk across the stage for high school graduation. We believe that when each youth has their individual strong suits paired with Christian fundamentals, each and every one can become a leader in their own way of living. This is why we work so diligently to ensure placement in the secondary school that will suit your child best once they graduate from our academy! Check out the different programs we offer below, as well as our academic calendar to see what college prep events are approaching!





College Preparatory Program

Legacy Christian Academy prepares students for the challenges of college academics.  We offer a rigorous core curriculum and require a minimum of 28 credits of coursework for graduation.  Furthermore, we prioritize and ensure that our curriculum meets college readiness benchmarks established by ACT, Inc.   These benchmarks are evaluated and refined in our English, Mathematics, Science, and History departments.  The progress we make in these benchmarks are formally evaluated using the IOWA assessment from Kindergarten through Grade 8, the EXPLORE and PLAN for Grades 8 through 11, and the ACT for Seniors.   In addition, we review with careful scrutiny the feedback we receive from our alumni, students, parents, and faculty.   

College Guidance & Application Assistance

Beginning in Middle School, we hold annual grade-level meetings that serve as the foundation for our academic and college guidance services.  In the early years, these meetings focus on identifying student strengths and potential course placement in light of graduation and college admissions requirements.  As the student nears and enters Upper School, these meetings become more focused on developing the best academic profile and strong transcript for each student in light of their individual academic strengths and passions.  In the final years, time is spent primarily on college admissions. 

Furthermore, Legacy partners with families to help them determine which college admissions test is the best fit for their student.  Since both the SAT and ACT are structured differently and evaluate different skills and content mastery it can be extremely beneficial if a student is able to analyze their strength and then begin to commit their time and resources to improving on that strength.  This feedback begins in the 8th grade as students begin taking the pre-ACT test, EXPLORE.  This EXPLORE assessment is continued in 9th grade when the PSAT is added as well.  In 10th and 11th grade both the PLAN (pre-ACT) as well as the PSAT are taken.  The feedback from both of these assessments is discussed thoroughly with families.  Therefore, based on almost 4 years of feedback and evaluation a family can make an extremely realistic and informed decision regarding College Admissions testing for their student. 

In addition, our College Advisor meets individually with each Junior family for about an hour and a half in preparation for the senior year and the college application process.   This individualization for each student is focused on reducing stress and increasing success as students evaluate different options and begin the application process.  This individualization continues throughout the senior year as assistance and guidance is offered on applications, resumes, essays, testing, and making a final decision.  Each step of the way, families and students have a counselor who cares about their unique needs and desires to see them reach their goals.    

College Preparatory Summer Programs & Workshops

The Princeton ReviewLegacy partners with The Princeton Review to offer the most convenient ACT preparation classes, which include 18 hours of instruction, 3 full-length practice tests, and access to an online student center with extra drills, lessons, and tests.


Advanced Courses & Earning College Credit

Legacy offers both AP Courses as well as Dual Credit courses partnered with John Brown University.  Currently, we offer AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, AP Chemistry, AP Studio Art Drawing, AP Studio Art 2-D Design, and AP Studio Art 3-D Design.

For the last 3 years, Legacy has partnered with John Brown University to offer several Dual Credit Courses.  John Brown University is a private Christian university, ranked first in best value among Southern regional colleges by U.S. News & World Report and is listed as one of America’s Best Colleges by Forbes. JBU is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and enrolls more than 2,200 students from 40 states and 39 countries.  Currently we offer for Juniors and Seniors the following dual credit classes: US History to 1865 and US History since 1865 (6 College Credits – 3 credits for each semester), Intermediate Spanish I and Intermediate Spanish II (6 College Credits – 3 credits for each semester), and Survey of Calculus (3 credits).  

College Fairs

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