Immediately following the what is commonly referred to as the Heroes of the Faith chapter, Hebrews 11, the author admonishes us to, “…lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,” or as The Message puts it, “Strip down, start running—and never quit!” Few high school students are more qualified to understand this directive the our Cross Country athletes.

Wikipedia defines cross country as, a race which “may include surfaces of grass, and earth, pass through woodlands and open country, and include hills, flat ground and sometimes gravel road. It is both an individual and a team sport; runners are judged on individual times and teams by a points-scoring method.” The girls course is a distance of xx, while the boys course is yy. Unlike most sports, the Cross Country team competes in area meets against both public and private schools before competing against all TAPPS 4A schools at the state meet in Waco on October 25.

What does Cross-Country stand to teach our students about life?
Coach Kevin Hatcher:
Cross-Country prepares our student athletes for the many ups and downs that will be faced throughout their lives. Competing and running in meets demands hard work and determination. The end result will make each of them a stronger individual from the inside out.

What do you find most challenging about Cross-Country?

  • Katie Paxton: The endurance, which will make me a better, stronger athlete for other sports I play later in the year.
  • Marshall Todd: I have to push myself to keep running hard at the end of a race, even though I'm exhausted. This is also a great life lesson for me.
  • Sydney Cameron: The morning practices, but I know they are making me stronger and faster!
  • Matthew White: Finding the willpower to not only run the distance but to pass that next guy and really give it your all.

In what is often considered an individual sport, with whom have you most enjoyed training?

  • Katie Paxton: I have enjoyed training alongside the boys because it feeds my competitiveness to beat them when I run.
  • Marshall Todd: Matthew White has has really pushed me to run my hardest. We have a competition every practice to see who can finish first.
  • Sydney Cameron: I enjoy training with my basketball friends as they push me to be better and give me a purpose for running.
  • Matthew White: I have most enjoyed training with Josh Goh because of his humble attitude and ability to carry on a philosophical debate while running.

For a complete schedule of the Cross Country team, visit our Athletics page & click on Teams & Schedules.