SAGE dining services has been serving the Legacy community tasty and well-balanced lunches for the past two years. While this year has presented its fair share of challenges for just about everyone on campus, SAGE has proven that they can be flexible and adapt to continue to serve our students with excellence.
They modified service at the North Campus to enable touchless transactions and implemented an online ordering system through MyKidsSpending for the South Campus so that parents can pre-order lunch for their students in Pre-K3 through 8th grade. For those who don't have time to order lunches ahead, SAGE recently adjusted the order deadline to the day before lunch is served, again demonstrating their ability to accommodate the needs of our families.
SAGE delivering a meal to a student on the South CampusFor SAGE, working hard to deliver delicious meals safely and effectively to our students is their top priority. Despite some initial and expected growing pains in adjusting to the new normal, the system is working – on both campuses. On the North Campus, pre-packaged meals are prepared so that students can grab lunch and go. On the South Campus, pre-ordered meals are delivered to each student individually. This new delivery medium has afforded the SAGE staff a unique opportunity to see our students in their learning environment.
SAGE continues to be proactive and seek out solutions to meet our families' needs. They recently started serving breakfast on the North Campus and in the future hopes to add an action station where SAGE employees can customize a dish based on the students' preferences, like pasta, stir-fry, or even burrito bowls.
Packaged meal for delivery to students in the South Campus

Meals are prepped in the SAGE kitchen for delivery on the South Campus.

Feedback throughout this process is incredibly valuable as SAGE searches for ways to enhance its available offerings. They have heard from students and teachers that they long for something more akin to normal. As such, after Labor Day weekend they will be adding more options for snacks and salads to the South Campus menu.
Do you have a suggestion for SAGE? They would love to hear from you! Reach out to Jeff Babb if you have anything to share about your or your students' experience.

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