Legacy Alumna Thrives in Heels

Sarah Lewis Serves with Athletes in Action


Last summer, we wrote about Sarah Lewis' upcoming adventure. In August, Sarah, a 2010 LCA

graduate, embarked on a year-long internship with Athletes in Action, a CRU-affiliated ministry for athletes, at UNC Chapel Hill beginning in August. She facilitates large group meetings and worship gatherings, provides Bible studies for female sports teams, and meet with athletes one-on-one to mentor and guide them. Prior to leaving, Sarah shared, “I want to be that person who offers them a hand to guide them along the path to Christ and who offers true friendship during a crazy time in their lives.”


Mr. Housley recently caught up with Sarah to discuss her internship.

Mr. H: Tell me about your winter retreat held last month:

Sarah: The retreat was incredible! Over 300 athletes in the region came together for an impactful weekend! This was the first time I've seen that many athletes together hands in the air worshiping our God and Savior and it brought tears to my eyes. At first, it was difficult getting athletes to sacrifice a weekend to come, but God provided and brought 25 UNC athletes together. Many of them said that they had become complacent in their faith and that this weekend gave them a new energy for God.


Mr. H: What has been your favorite experience thus far?

Sarah: I have most enjoyed connecting with a cheerleader named Tyler. Through a friend, I was put in touch with her before arriving to campus. We were really an answer to each others' prayers. She struggled at Carolina her first two years being out of state and far from home, and I, coming to a new place, needed a friend to comfort me. She is now leading a bible study on her cheer team and its been a joy discipling her and watching God use her to impact others.


Mr. H: What news do you hope to be able to share with us at the end of the spring semester?

Sarah: I hope that by the end of the semester God will be creating movements within teams where there was nothing before. I hope also for new leaders to be raised up for next year.


Mr. H: Anyone who knows you well, knows that you love school and office supplies, so I have to ask you, what's your favorite supply right now?

Sarah: I obviously love organization, so my new thing are these pretty sassy folders. I have one for each of the girls I disciple to keep track of what I've done with them and plan for what I will do next.


Mr. H: How can we follow you or stay in touch with your progress?

Sarah: I send out a monthly newsletter with updates and prayer requests if anyone is interested in receiving these you can e-mail me at sarah.lewis@athletesinaction.org and I will add them to my mailing list.


In her February newsletter, Sarah excitedly shared, “Following [the] retreat, two women's rowers I began discipling (mentoring) this semester took initiative to start a bible study on their team. God really does surprise you as he brought together 15 rowers, most of who have never come to AIA before, to the locker room for bible study!”


If you are interested in supporting her, please visit her support page here!