Legacy Emails Marked as SPAM

Several email domains associated with AT&T have identified Google Mail servers used by Legacy Christian Academy as sources of SPAM. These servers are used by numerous Google clients, but nonetheless, this has affected LCA's ability to deliver email to many of our parents. Affected domains include the following domains:

  • att.net
  • sbcglobal.net
  • prodigy.net
  • swbell.net
  • ameritech.net
  • pacbell.net
  • wans.net
  • snet.net
  • nvbell.net
  • bellsouth.net
  • flash.net

In a nutshell, if you have an email address ending in one of these domains, you should assume that you are not receiving our emails. Please know that we are working with outside consultants to resolve the problem. Until we have resolved the issue, all school-wide emails will also be posted here on our blog.