In this student spotlight episode, we visited with senior, Chinwe Appio-Riley, who leads the BEST Robotics competition for Legacy and is working with Mrs. Hamilton to produce prosthetic limbs for children in need on Legacy's 3D printer! Listen and read on to discover more about Chinwe.

Academic: Chinwe Appio-Riley, Leader of the Robotics Team

Goals: Works with Enable to make prostheses for disadvantaged children that need them. She works here at Legacy using the 3D printer. She also wants to work towards getting into college and receiving scholarships.

Years at Legacy: This is Chinwe's 3rd year at Legacy. A hard-worker who takes academics seriously, Chinwe appreciates that the teachers are very helpful and supportive through her struggles. Mr. Preble and Mrs. Hamilton have made an impact on her academic goals.
Walk with Christ: Christ has given her many gifts and the ability to trust His plan for her life.
Passionate about: She is most passionate about God. She also is interested in research, engineering and currently the Enable program.
How does she hope to be remembered? She would like to be remembered as “Chinwe” which means “God's gift” in Ebo.