Lane Guthmann is a senior and has attended Legacy since 3rd Grade. Lane was nominated as an October student of the month for willingness to serve in the everyday roles of life, be it opening doors or wiping down tables. Learn more about this true gentlemen by listening and reading below!

Servant: Lane Guthmann, Everyday Servant

Goals: Lane hopes to have a positive impact on younger students as he finishes his career here at Legacy. After graduation, he plans to go to Texas A&M and major in business.
Service: He loves to serve others in little ways, like opening doors for people, helping the teachers at in-service and being positive to others
Years at Legacy: Lane has been at Legacy since 3rd grade. He loves that at Legacy you can talk openly about God. His supportive, Christian friends help keep him on the right path. Mrs. Stone's class helped him to grow academically, and Mrs. Bowers' class has helped him to grow academically and spiritually.
Walk with Christ: He models Christianity through his actions. He is a hard worker that encourages others to model Christ.
Passionate about: Lane loves to draw, paint, and run as well. If he had two free hours he would run or do something artistic. He would rather be active than watch TV or sit around.
How does he hope to be remembered? Lane would like to be remembered as a kind person who was a role model to others.