Our Student Spotlight this week features senior, Matthew White, a member of the cross-country team, Screamin' Eagle Marching Band, and robotics club. Matthew is great young man, whom we know you'll enjoy!

Goals: He would like to work on getting to know his teachers better. He would like to go to Purdue University to study mechanical engineering.

Years at Legacy: Matthew has attended Legacy since Pre-K. 14 years! He has run on the Cross Country team since his sophomore year. Rhett Allen really encouraged him to try cross-country. His favorite thing about Legacy is the friendships he has made throughout the years.

Walk with Christ: Christ gives him purpose for his life. Without Christ, there is no point to living.

Passionate about: He is passionate about music and plays the trumpet in the Marching band.

How does he hope to be remembered? He says you may never know what you will excel at so you should try a variety of things. He hopes to be remembered as a servant of God and as a decent person to be around.