Our Student Spotlight this week features senior Megan Beck, a senior and volleyball co-captain. Megan has attended Legacy since she was in pre-school. Listen to our interview with Megan and read excerpts below.

Athlete: Megan Beck, Varsity Volleyball Captain

Goals: She would like to be a Bible Teacher. She plans to study at DBU, Ouachita or Hardin Simmons and then go to the Kanakuk Institute. Megan would like to Major in Education and Minor in Christian Studies. For volleyball her goal is to get to State!
Years at Legacy: 14 years. Her favorite thing about Legacy is her relationships with her teachers. She knows that they care.
Walk with Christ: Learning Apologetics with Mr. Littleton helped Megan to focus on what she plans to do with her life. It helped her to understand why she believes in her faith. She prays for Christ's will to be done in her life. She likes to serve others and put them first.
Passionate about: Christ and volleyball.
How does she hope to be remembered? For her strong relationship with Christ and that she was friends with students of all ages.