We visited with Nick Dolanski, the final August Upper School student of the month, for our latest Live@Legacy installment. Nick, a junior, has attended Legacy for thirteen years and shared that the relationship he has with friends, to whom he refers as his “brothers,” are his favorite memory thus far. You won't want to miss why Mrs. Harmon is his favorite teacher–listen below to find out!
Academic: Nick Dolanski, Graduate of Student Leadership University
Goals: Nick plans on studying international business. He hopes that his career path will help him to provide for his future family. He wants to stand apart from the crowd. He would love to attend UNC Chapel Hill.
Years at Legacy: 13 years. His favorite thing about Legacy is friends from when he little. He has grown up with them.
Walk with Christ: After getting involved in K-Life he realized he needed to let God have control of his life since God has the best plan. He gives his priorities over to God to focus on God's plan over his own. Nick puts his focus on Christ and his Word believing it helps him to perform better in school.
Passionate about: Golf and News. He is most passionate about following God's plan.
How does he hope to be remembered? He wants younger kids to remember to really focus on your school work beginning from your freshmen year. He wants to be remembered as helpful, friendly and enthusiastic.