Legacy Partners with TxtAboutIt

As a part of Legacy's ongoing commitment to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, school administrators introduced students in grades in grades 7-12 to TxtAboutIt, which provides a “virtual door” through which those in need of help will more readily “open” to solve issues related to depression, addiction, abuse and more. By reducing the stigma of communicating with counselors, the service allows users to open up and break the ‘code of silence' to all too often has negative consequences. Service is available to students daily from 7am-10pm.

What is “TxtAboutIt”?
Developed in 2005, TxtAboutIt is the nation's first SECURE anonymous messaging service for students. TxtAboutIt is a preventative solution focused on bridging the communication gap between students and faculty to create a place where teachers can teach and students can learn. Today, thousands of students in more than 300 schools across the United States rely TxtAbout It to report problems and incidents ranging from bullying, gangs, threats of violence, suicide and cheating to drug and alcohol abuse, depression, stress, and physical abuse.

• Opens the channel and frequency of communications between students and faculty
• Provides students with a mechanism to reach out to adults and report CONCERNS anonymously
• Builds positive connections between students and faculty members
• Resolves student problems in a safe, efficient and timely manner
• Reduces the stigma often associated with seeking assistance for problems
• Allow students to assist in creating and maintaining a healthy school environment

We believe TxtAboutIt will provide students an outlet to share struggles, frustrations and more in a safe environment with LCA teachers who care. Please encourage your student to use this service if they need to talk. If you have questions, please email Shane Krotz, Upper School Assistant Principal.