At LCA, we are truly blessed to have teachers of superior quality, who seek to capture hearts and transform minds. Our Faculty Spotlights below feature two such examples:

Heather Snider, a first grade teacher here at LCA, discusses the value of identifying student strengths in the classrooms. She explains how noticing and encouraging these strengths enables the classroom to work beautifully and facilitates learning.

“The classroom is like a symphony,” explains Snider. Each student has different strengths, and they work in harmony, like a symphony with the various instruments. In her classroom, “everyone is noticed and utilizing the gifts God has given them.” Listen to the full interview to discover more about the how she and other Legacy teachers identify and utilize student strengths in the classroom.

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Leslie Mida, a kindergarten teacher here at LCA, discusses the recent New York Times article, “Bedtime Stories for Young Brains”. She explains the benefits of reading aloud to children and the ways it can drastically improve a child's vocabulary in ways regular speech cannot.

“Kids who had been read to a lot and had exposure to books from mom and dad at a young age simply did better,” explains Mida. Listen to the full interview to learn more about the benefits of reading aloud even as children are sounding out works and beginning to read for themselves.