Q: What do Dr. Seuss and technology have in common?

A: The Cat in The Hat

Every year in March, the LCA first graders celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday with a breakfast and special visit from the Cat in the Hat. The Cat in the Hat (Mrs. Hamilton) reads to the students and they enjoy a special Dr. Seuss themed breakfast. In addition to the traditional green scrambled eggs and ham, this year, the students enjoyed fun, Cat in the Hat cookies – all thanks to the Cre8 Center's 3D printer.

The Cre8 Center, a modern, technology-based extension of the library, is dedicated to providing access to cutting-edge technology for our students. It includes Leap Motion, video editing software, 3D scanner and printer! Students are able to explore new hands-on forms of technology in keeping with LCA's dedication to prioritizing STEM initiatives through the Cre8 center. The goal of the Cre8 center and it's extensive technology is to encourage creative and and innovative thinking… a Cat in the Hat cookie cutter – now that's creative!