The Daily 5's

Last weekend, Legacy's Kindergarten, First, and Second grade teachers all traveled to San Antonio for some Daily 5's. Now, don't be mistaken, they were not lining up to high-five the NBA World Champion San Antonio Spurs. Instead, they were knee deep in The Daily 5's! To better understand exactly what the Daily 5 are, we visited with each team upon their return.

What exactly are the Daily 5's?
Mrs. Huxham, Kindergarten: Daily 5 is a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. It consists of five tasks that are introduced individually (Read to self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work). When introduced to each task, the children discuss what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to engage in the task independently. Then, the children work on building their stamina until they are successful at being independent while doing that task. After all five tasks have been introduced and the children are fully engaged in reading and writing, teachers are able to work with small groups and confer with students one-on-one. Not only is it an effective structure with amazing results, but the children look forward to Daily 5 time!

How will the Daily 5's impact your classroom?
Mrs. Embry, Grade 2:
Implementing the Daily 5, as well as the broader CAFE instructional framework, enables us to dive into assessment as we evaluate our readers and provide an instructional literacy environment that is interactive as well as supportive in growing readers.

How will the Daily 5's impact out students?
Mrs. Norsworthy, Grade 1: In CAFE, when the teacher does meet with groups, it is no more than 2-3 students working on specific strategies with a book they choose. These students can all be on various reading levels. It meets the students where they are and gives them skills to grow.

Legacy is committed to academic excellence. Knowing that without excellent teachers, there can be no excellence in the classroom, Legacy is equally committed to providing our teachers with fantastic professional development opportunities. Click to read more about the Daily 5's down at the Daily Cafe (seriously).