Sarah Sign (8) and Trenton Balcombe (6) were named as two of the Top Ten artists nationally in their categories by Celebrating Art, an art competition sponsored by the national publication. Sarah and Trenton were just two of the twenty-four Intermediate School art students were honored with the invitation to have their artwork printed in the publication.

I am so proud of all the art students at Legacy,” commented Intermediate School art teacher, Lin Mayberry. “I've known for some time that their work is far above expectations for the average middle school student, but it means a great deal to have that confirmed by an independent source such as the Celebrating Art program. Sarah and Trenton both worked a great deal outside of class in order to meet the project deadlines without sacrificing the quality of their workmanship. I'm particularly pleased to see that dedication rewarded. Congratulations also to Alexa Breedlove-Priestley whose composition received high honors in this event, and to the 21 other artists whose work was published in the Fall 2016 Celebrating Art Contest.”

We recently asked Sarah and Trenton a few questions about their artwork and experience.


Sarah Sign
Legacy Eighth Grader
Van Gogh's Stroll
Trenton Balcombe
Legacy Sixth Grader

How does it feel to be recognized in a national competition like this?

Sarah: “It feels amazing to know that my hard work has paid off. I owe so much to Mrs. Mayberry, my art teacher since PreK-4. She has taught me all the fundamentals that serve as the foundation for my artwork.”

Trenton: “I feel so honored and accomplished. I still can't believe I was top 10 in the nation!”

Tell us about your piece. What inspired it, how did you create it, etc.

Sarah: “My piece is inspired by Expectation and The Tree of Life. I combined the beautiful hair from Expectation (hair is my favorite thing to draw – and the style from The Tree of Life to make the hair resemble branches, all while trying to personify fall. I worked with one of my favorite media, colored pencils.

Trenton: “I mimicked a Van Gogh painting and used tiny pieces of clay to recreate his brush strokes. It was such hard work that I had to work on it at home after class.”

As young students, how do you see art impacting you right now and in the future?

Sarah: “Art is a huge part of my life. I carry my sketchbook with me practically everywhere. I want people to feel something when they look at my artwork. In the future I want to go into animation or possibly illustrate a children's book. My goal is to attend CalArts. I want my art to impact others the way it has impacted me.”

Trenton: “Art encourages me to do my best in all of my work. I know that I can continue to improve if I work my hardest.”