Tuition Assistance Program

Purpose of Tuition Assistance Program

Through the Tuition Assistance Program, Legacy strives to provide need-based tuition assistance for mission-aligned, qualifying families. This includes families whose children are already attending Legacy, as well as new families that are interested in attending Legacy in grades Kindergarten through twelve. The award of tuition assistance enables well-qualified students the opportunity to receive an excellent Christ-centered education regardless of their family’s ability to pay, and ensures that a Legacy education is accessible to all regardless of their socio-economic standing.

Application and Qualification Process

Legacy Christian Academy will ensure that the application, qualification and selection process for receiving tuition assistance is conducted with the utmost integrity, is based primarily upon a family’s need and not a student’s merit. To apply for financial assistance under the Tuition Assistance Program, the parents or guardians of the prospective student(s) must:

  • Complete the application process for Legacy Christian Academy
  • Provide a letter describing the circumstances, financial and otherwise, which led to the need for financial assistance, how long the need for financial assistance may last, and how you plan to support your child’s tuition in the future as they continue at Legacy.

Evaluation/Acceptance Criteria and Process

FACTS conducts an independent review, verification, and analysis of applicants financial condition and need, using its own guidelines and criteria and then provides Legacy with a written recommendation on whether an applicant is qualified to receive financial assistance.

Once FACTS recommends that an applicant qualifies for financial assistance, Legacy will consider the selection of an applicant to receive financial assistance based upon need as well as the availability of funding. The selection process is conducted by an anonymous committee appointed by the Legacy Board of Directors.  As referenced above, financial assistance applications are approved and valued based on several self-defined factors, including:

  • The particular circumstances, financial and otherwise, which led to the need for assistance.
  • Legacy’s needs with the grades targeted for enrollment.
  • The plan in place by applicants to eventually pay a portion of the tuition.
  • The applicant’s prior academic achievements and community/extracurricular involvement.

For information please contact the Director of Student Accounts, Cheri Mosley.

Compliance with TAPPS Guidelines

Further, the Tuition Assistance Program shall fully comply with the applicable sections, as amended from time to time, of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (“TAPPS”) member guidelines, including those related to athletics and other extracurricular activities. Whether financial assistance is provided to a student’s family (a) by Legacy through the Tuition Assistance Program, as described above, or (b) by a non-Legacy source, such as other Legacy families or third parties (an “outside source”), the TAPPS guidelines provide that Legacy personnel, Legacy volunteers, parents and/or other third parties cannot target students or prospective students for their athletic ability.  Offering or providing financial assistance to students because of their ability to participate in athletics or other TAPPS sanctioned extracurricular activities constitutes unauthorized inducement of students and is a clear violation of TAPPS guidelines, which could result in penalties not only for the affected student but also Legacy. Although a student or prospective student receiving financial assistance may participate in TAPPS athletics or extracurricular activities, students cannot be targeted for receiving financial assistance because of their potential involvement in such activities and/or events.

As a result, before financial assistance can be granted to an applicant under the Tuition Assistance Program or from an outside source, compliance with TAPPS guidelines is a mandatory consideration and factor.  For further explanation and clarification of what constitutes permissible and non-permissible actions and assistance under the TAPPS guidelines, please refer to the TAPPS guidelines, including Section 87 – Solicitation of Students, Section 131 – Athletic Codes, and Section 133 – Duties of Athletic District Executive Committee.