Happy 2016! The Spring Tennis Season starts immediately upon return from the holiday break. Any Upper School students interested in playing Tennis for the spring season, should review the following:


1. If you did NOT play fall tennis and would like to be considered for the Tennis Team in the spring, Email Coach Thrash or Coach Cook immediately that you would like to be considered.

2. Spring Tennis Team selection will be done using criteria from the Fall Season in addition to a 2 week practice period from January 5th – January 15th.

3. All students wanting to be considered for the Spring Tennis Team need to attend practice January 5th – January 15th from 3:30pm-5pm at The Lakes Tennis Academy. Coach Cook will be running practices and monitoring attendance, effort, ability, etc. in order to determine cuts where needed. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN BASKETBALL AND WOULD LIKE TO BE ON THE TENNIS TEAM, CONTACT COACH THRASH AND COACH COOK IMMEDIATELY BY EMAIL SO THEY CAN DISCUSS FURTHER WITH YOU.


1. Each match consists of 6 boys and 6 girls (2 Doubles Matches and 2 Singles Matches)

2. We will carry a MINIMUM of 8 boys (2 of which are alternates) and 8 girls (2 of which are alternate). Carrying more alternates will be left up to the Coaches to decide by January 15th.

3. Roster Announcement: The Spring Tennis Team roster will be “posted”/announced by 5pm January 16th.


1. Season matches start mid February and will consist of 1-2 matches per week. Matches will conclude around mid-March, considering weather related changes

2. The District Tournament is March 21-22 in Tyler, TX

3. The State Championships (if we have qualifying players) is the second week of April in Waco, TX


1. LCA one-time fee of $125 per year

2. Lakes Tennis Academy fee (if not currently a member): $250 for a spring membership (January-May)


Coach Thrash Email: toni.thrash@legacyca.com

Coach Cook Email: cookchristy@me.com

Looking forward to a great spring season!