The Lady Eagles Varsity Volleyball team finished their season as bi-district champions with an 18-11 record this past Tuesday. Following a hard fought loss to Austin Hyde Park, head coach, Christy Williams reflected, “We had a tremendous season with several strong wins, finishing second in our district. My girls this year were amazing! Under terrific leadership, they learned from each other, they challenged each other, and they continued to improve all season both on and off the court. And these seniors have modeled what it means to leave a Legacy. While this is not the way I wanted to end our season, I could not be prouder!”

We visited with several of the seniors on Wednesday as they looked back on their final season as Lady Eagle Volleyball team member. Their responses are recorded below.

What is your favorite memory from this season?
  • Kirby: My favorite memory from the season was taking Prince of Peace to 5 games, since we were the first and only team to do that all year!
  • Izzy: Stopping in the middle of the canoe trip with some freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and just sitting in the canoes talking and having a good time.
  • Emma: My favorite memory from the season is when we played Prince Of Peace and took them to five.
  • Kourtney: As a team, we learned to trust one another. Our motto all year was to trust deeply, and in my mind we achieved that. We worked together and all had the same goal at heart. We pushed each other to be at the highest level of intensity and to keep state in mind at all times.
  • Ivy Adair: I loved having deep conversations with the coaches after midnight and eating KK's (coach William's mom) amazing food! There was one point of the week were Megan, Izzy, and I laid on the golf course at night looking at the stars in complete silence. It was in that moment when it hit me that this was our last year together on this team. It was bittersweet, but I will never forget it!
  • Megan: Singing with Coach Pevehouse after winning our first round of playoffs.
What made your team successful?
  • Kirby: Our team was successful this year, because of our relationships with each other. We are all good friends outside of volleyball, and we carried that over and used it to our advantage during our play. We all had one common goal and all fought hard to achieve it.
  • Izzy: Coming together with all our different talents and becoming a team that is unstoppable.
  • Ivy Adair: I think what made our team successful this season was the concept of trusting deeply and thoroughly believing in our teammates that they can get the job done in every play, practice, and game.
  • Megan: Coming together for a common goal. Everyone had the same expectations, making us a competitive and driven team.
What will you miss most about Legacy Volleyball?
  • Kirby: The thing I will miss most about Legacy volleyball is celebrating victories with my teammates, and having a group of people to share the good and bad times with.
  • Izzy: I will most miss Coach Williams and being with her everyday.
  • Ivy Adair: I will miss the close relationship I had with these awesome coaches. They have impacted me on and off the court and I will miss our laughs and memories that were made this year.
  • Emma: I am going to miss my friendships and the time I spend with the team most.
  • Megan: I will definitely miss the relationships I have with my coaches. The support and expectations they had for me throughout high school really pushed me to do my best. They were had on me, but I always understood it was for my betterment. I know that even after I graduate I will have a relationship with them, and that means more than anything.