If you haven't visited the room affectionately known as the Bat Cave, you should! Inside you will meet Intermediate School Ryan Martin, who teaches both pre-algebra and physical science classes. We sat down with Mr. Martin to get better acquainted with the man behind the mask.

Tell us about your family & life prior to coming to Legacy.
I have been married to my wife Kristen for 2 years now. After receiving my bachelors in Marketing from Abilene Christian, I worked for two years in sales and two years in education, first as a drug prevention specialist, then as a 6th grade math teacher in Oak Cliff.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?
I loves sparking students' interest in new topics, and I enjoy pouring into my students to help them understand the individual value God has placed in each of them.

What most excites you about teaching at Legacy?
That I can now openly instill the proof that the Christian worldview is the only tenable worldview in an age of scientific enlightenment.

When you're not saving Gotham, what do you do?
I love going to movies and buying a huge coke and the largest popcorn money can buy!