Hands-On Pumpkin Investigation

LCA first graders just wrapped up a science unit on pumpkins with a special pumpkin party & lab where they enjoyed pumpkin treats provided by LCA parents. Following the party, we sat down with Holley Luddeke to discover more.

What was the purpose of the pumpkin unit?
In our lab, students explored what pumpkins “can”, “have” and “are”. They also answered the question, “Do pumpkins sink or float and why?” (Answer: they float, because they are hollow). Then, we cut into a pumpkin to explore the pulp and count seeds. Our pumpkin had over 280 seeds! We also watched a video & learned how Libby pumpkin is made & canned. All of this was in connection to our week long unit on Pumpkins where we read, wrote, carved, and tasted pumpkins.


What did the students have to say?
“I think I will stick to touching a pumpkin once it is cooked into pie, because I don't like the inside slime.” -Zachary Fleiner
“I learned that the inside of a pumpkin is where the life cycle starts over!” -Kate Heffernan