Did you know that 100% of Legacy Christian Academy students study in state of the art laboratories? That's right all of them, from PK4 through Seniors. “So what's the big dill?” you ask. We recently visited the high school anatomy class and the pre-school science class to find out.

Anatomy Autopsy Report

Mrs. Harmon (Upper School Science), what exactly is going on here?
The pickles were in a gang fight. The Claussens vs. the Vlasics. Each John Doe had various injuries to them, and the students had to determine the cause of death. Anatomy students are applying their new vocabulary to practice identifying location of injuries sustained to John Doe Pickle.

Why in the world did you have your students doing it?
Completing a simulated autopsy report is a foundational skill in the field of forensics science. The inclusion of recently introduced vocabulary terms allowed to student to work with the terms beyond the definitions on the page.

How are they better for having done it?
This a safe, hands-on application the required the students to use their newly gained anatomical terms in a creative way, which inevitably leads to stronger memory recall down the road. At the same time they have a bettering understanding of the detail and science required in the forensics.

Early Ed Einsteins

What exactly is going on here?

Dr. Brewer (PreK 4) Our students are learning about the scientific method! As they inspect pieces of string cut to different lengths, they are Observing, Hypothesizing, Experimenting, Recording…. how are different/alike, what will they sound like when plucked!

How does having access to science labs at such an early age benefit our students?
Mrs. Blake (PreK 4):It makes science more fun at an early age and gets them interested! They LOVE experiments and know God made our earth and His creation is wonderful!
Mrs. Harmon: Kids have a natural curiosity of the world around them. Giving them “lab” time early on captures this curiosity and excitement for the study of science and its process.