If you've been at LCA for any amount of time, you've heard us publicize PTF Restaurant Nights. But if you've never attended, you might wonder what in the world a restaurant night is, and why in the world you should come. Fear not, we've asked Deanna Carpenter, LCA Associate Director of Development, and Malissa Nuspl, PTF VP of Fundraising, to explain a bit about this great community based program.


1. What is restaurant night? Restaurant night is an evening (usually once a month) when all LCA families can come together to enjoy fellowship through eating with one another, enjoying old friends and making new ones.

2. What's in it for LCA? Each restaurant graciously agrees to donate a portion of the proceeds from that evening to LCA. Those funds go directly back to Parent Teacher Fellowship. The PTF then uses that money to purchase new and needed items for the school. Past purchases include the marquee on Legacy Drive, one of our buses, additional iPads, and equipment for the science labs.

3. What's in it for me? You and your family get to come and meet other LCA families as well as staff members in an informal and fun setting… PLUS no one has to cook or do the dishes!

4. What's in it for our community? We love having the opportunity to support local Frisco businesses through this program. We desire to establish positive relationships with our community in any way possible, and we are so thankful to these fabulous local businesses for their support of our school. We hope that in addition to attending restaurant night, you and your family will continue to support our community partners.

All that being said, it's time for our first restaurant night! Join us tonight at PDQ from 5-9 for some delicious chicken and fabulous fellowship. Don't miss out on the following awesome teachers & administrators who will be making milkshakes & calling out orders on the mic:

Mr. Mac, Mr. Dibley, Mr. Mosley. Dr. Harmon, Coach Embry, Mrs. Paxton, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. McCollum, Mrs. Payne, and Mrs. Carpenter!