Tips & FAQ's on the Legacy App

We have partnered with Legit Apps to make everything you need as a parent, grandparent, faculty, and alumni accessible at your fingertips through the LCA community app. This year, we will focus our efforts on transitioning all information that parents regularly access via the website and weekly emails into the LCA community app. We are daily adding new content and testing features, so we ask that you please be patient. To help us create the best user experience, we have added a feedback button at the bottom of the home screen.

Why are Notifications Important?

To ensure that you have the most relevant and up-to-date information, please enable notifications on your device. Notifications can be sent school-wide or to specific groups based on your selections. As we shift communications to the LCA Community App, notifications will be the primary vehicle to stay informed.

How do I receive Notifications?

Apple users:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Scroll down until you find the LCA app and then tap on that
  3. Tap on Notifications
  4. At the top of the Notifications screen, it says Allow Notifications – make sure that is toggled to the right (the button turns green)
  5. From that point, you can set your LCA Notification preferences

Android users:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Apps & Notifications
  3. Scroll down until you find the LCA app and then tap on that
  4. You can turn notifications, notification dots, and notification categories on or off.
How do I Manage Groups?
  1. Launch the LCA app
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Groups
  3. Tap on each of the different Groups and tap User Type
  4. Select the groups which are relevant to you – this will populate the rest of your choices moving forward
  5. Go through each of the divisions and again select the groups which are relevant to you
How do I customize my app experience?

If you, like most of our families, only want to see information that pertains to your family, Groups and their notifications are your golden ticket to a personalized news feed. Unfortunately, anytime you update a group section/division, you will have to re-select any previously selected groups. For instance, perhaps, you are a cheer dad and initially selected JV Cheer as a group to follow, but then decided you also want baseball notifications. When you navigate back to athletic teams, you would need to select baseball and re-select JV Cheer (along with any other groups you had previously selected). We have expressed our frustration with the developer about this process, especially knowing that we plan to add more groups throughout the year.

Where are the Fine Arts Groups?

They are in the app! To subscribe to groups in the category of Fine Arts, just follow these simple steps.

  1. At the bottom of the home screen, tap Groups 
  2. At the top of the Groups screen, tap Manage Groups
  3. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and under Legacy Christian Academy (Frisco, TX), you will see Fine Arts
  4. Tap Fine Arts and make your selections
  5. When you are finished just tap the Home button
Tips on Managing the Calendar and RSVPs

Schoolwide versus “For Me” Calendar: When you tap on the Calendar at the bottom of the home page, the calendar will populate with events that are both schoolwide as well as events that are specific to your groups (another reason it is important to get all of your pertinent groups selected).

Customize Calendar Feed: You can choose to view the schoolwide calendar, your calendar, and both simultaneously. At the top of the calendar feed, you will see “Schoolwide” and “For Me” options. Simply tap the calendar you want to see or remove – if the bar is checked and green, you are seeing that feed. A quick tap will allow you to filter events efficiently. Note that if you change your calendar preferences, those changes will stay in place the next time you view the calendar. For example, if you uncheck the “Schoolwide” calendar (and view only the calendar titled “For Me”) the next time you tap on calendar, only the “For Me” calendar will be displayed and you will have to tap on “Schoolwide” again to get it to display.

“I'm Going” versus RSVP: When you tap on a specific event, you will get more details about the event. If you select “I'm Going” you can choose whether and when you will be reminded of the event via a notification by tapping on the bell icon. You can also choose to add it to the calendar on your phone if you tap on “Add to Cal.” It is important to note that, in the case of an event that requires an RSVP, tapping on “I'm Going” is not RSVPing to the event – that is just for your own calendar and notifications. If you need to submit an RSVP for an event, you will see a bar at the bottom of the screen that you can tap to RSVP for that event. Part of the rollout incudes adding locations to every event in conjunction with the ability to pull directions from google maps.

What is the FORT?

 The FORT stands for Forms, Orders, Registrations, and Tickets. The FORT is our attempt to put all your LCA to-do’s in one location. Need to buy a Daddy-Daughter Dance ticket? Tap the FORT. Need to register for Family Art Night? Tap the FORT. Need to purchase tickets for Legacy Night? Tap the FORT.