LCA All-Inclusive Dining Program

LCA is proud to announce the launch of an enhanced
dining program in the fall of 2024! 

Creating Community & Nourishing a Brighter Future


Continuing to partner with Flik Independent School Dining, a premier school dining provider, we're committed to providing the best possible lunch options. Our all-inclusive dining program, conveniently included in overall tuition, ensures students enjoy a diverse, healthy selection of delicious daily meals featuring fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, made-from-scratch entrées, and more. Flik Dining's dedication to community and health aligns perfectly with our school, creating an environment that fosters community through healthy dining. 


Our goal at Legacy Christian Academy is to ensure students remain engaged and well-nourished. The All-Inclusive Dining Program extends to all students in grades 1-12, providing them access to an extensive array of wholesome meals. The options are diverse, presenting a blend of national, regional, and local cuisines, along with international delights. The variety is boundless, and a range of low or no-sugar-added beverages creates a comprehensive and satisfying dining experience.


Nicole Tass, R.D. will work directly with LCA to ensure students with allergies and special dietary needs are accommodated and enjoy their campus meals. Nicole will be available for consultations with families before the Fall kick-off and on an as-needed basis should questions arise. Nicole visits campus regularly to ensure ongoing training of the Flik staff and to help educate our campus on how to make healthy choices when it comes to meals and snacks.

LCA Dining Program Hot Entrees


LCA includes all educational costs within tuition. This newly introduced program will be paid for through annual tuition. 2024-25 tuition rates will be announced on 1/11/24 and can be found here

It should be noted that the cost of this program to our families, in many cases, will be offset (in part, if not the whole) by savings from what a family currently spends to feed their children through packed lunches or our current point-of-sale lunch program. The average tuition cost per child allocated for this program is $1100/year, equating to roughly $110/month or $6.50/meal. 

what's on the menu?

dining program Q & A with mr. mosley

“You know your child is going to get a nutritious meal that is included in your tuition, and it just simplifies life for a lot of people.”

– Kevin Mosley, Head of School



  • Healthy, balanced options support learning and growth
  • Opportunities for students to try new cuisines and recipes at no extra cost
  • Seconds are available for those still hungry
  • Reduced food waste with planned dining for all students every day
  • Lower average cost per meal with fixed costs spread over the entire year
  • Simplified menu for younger students
  • Multiple quick-access food stations


  • On-site chefs create meals from scratch
  • Emphasis on fresh, seasonal, local, and organic ingredients
  • Varied hot entrees each day
  • Vegetarian options available daily
  • Allergy management ensures inclusivity and safety
  • Safe food preparation and handling; no out-of-temperature brown bags


  • Improved speed of service with no transactions at the register
  • No need to plan meals or check dining fund balances

Hear from LCA Parents


With all-inclusive dining, the costs are included within annual tuition, which entitles them to full participation in the Flik Program. Students are served an appropriate portion and are welcome to return for unlimited seconds. Students, faculty, and administrators gather daily to share a meal to reconnect and recharge.

LCA includes all educational costs within tuition. This newly introduced program will be paid for through annual tuition. 2024-25 tuition rates will be announced on 1/11/24 and can be found here.

Our standard Indexed Tuition program awards all financial assistance for tuition-related expenses. To learn more about applying to the program, please click here.

  • Flik provides national expertise on allergy accommodations and ADA compliance. All Flik Team Members are extensively trained in food allergy awareness. Parents are welcome to schedule times to visit kitchens and ask about inventories and preparation methods.

  • The entire Flik team is Fare Check Allergy certified and we have an allergen expert onsite at each location to answer questions.

  • We request an updated list of students with allergies from the school nurse every semester and get to know all students with allergies.

  • We have a purple “allergy” food preparation kit which we use to prepare special meals for allergy students if the menu on a particular day does not align with their dietary needs.

  • We are pleased that Flik specializes in school lunch programs and has proven ways to handle food allergies. Foods will be labeled, and alternatives will be available, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. A family can work with the school nurses and the Flik nutritionist if a child has a life-threatening allergy.
  • We understand and agree that each child must have nutritious food and that they like to eat. 

  • Various food choices will be served daily, including two hot lunch offerings, salads, fruits, deli/sandwich counters, and more. In addition, with the unlimited seconds that this buffet style offers, students should be able to eat their fill. We are confident that students will be able to find foods they like and even expand their tastes to include new foods.
  • The on-site chef creates menus with local/regional flavors and ingredients. They receive guidance, training, and suggestions for on-trend, innovative ideas from a central FLIK culinary, nutrition, and marketing team.
  • Menus are created to be age-appropriate and will differ for each division. 

  • All students will have access to the hot or cold (sandwich), entrée of the day, fresh fruit and vegetables, and beverages such as milk, waterworks or juice.
  • Teachers and FLIK personnel will monitor the students’ food choices and redirect them to balanced options/choices. 


  • The all-inclusive format will incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the menu and daily specials will be pre-plated. Additionally, our Flik Registered Dietician, Nicole, will make regular visits and provide education on making healthy choices.

The nature of this program is “all-in,” as are all of our programmatic offerings. Just as we do not charge separate educational costs for athletics, fine arts, school supplies, etc., there will not be an option to separate this cost from tuition.

Yes, students are still welcome to pack lunches, but tuition will not be reduced for those who prefer packed lunches. This aligns with the practice of not reducing tuition for non-participation in other offered programs.