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Is a Phone on Your Middle Schooler's Christmas List? 5 Things to Consider

That can't-live-without item on your middle schooler's list this year is not a dollhouse, a train set, a pony, or an Xbox. It's a smartphone. But before you dive the depths of department store dilemmas, here are 5 key things to consider when figuring out if your child...

Who Am I? Helping Your Middle Schooler Find Their Identity

“Who am I?” It seems we are born asking this question, and we never stop seeking the answer. We all want to know who we are. This search for our identity is the reason the enneagram test of personality has gained so much popularity. Through it we can define ourselves...

LCA Storytellers: Semadeni Family

Why did you choose Legacy? Our path to Legacy wasn't a traditional one. Three summers ago, when our middle daughter had finished second grade, we saw her losing her spark. We began to look at different options and took a tour of Legacy. From the moment we first...
caswell family flags

LCA Storytellers: Mrs. Caswell

Why did you choose Legacy?  We chose Legacy because our family values Christian education, and we truly wanted a place where that could be fostered and cultivated in our boys. Our hope is that their time at Legacy will develop their character, integrity, and grit,...
Lauren and friends

LCA Storytellers: Lauren Burns

Why did you decide to come to Legacy? If you're a lifer, or weren't involved in the decision to enroll at LCA, what would you tell some considering LCA? I have been attending Legacy since pre-school, so I was not part of the initial conversation of enrolling. That...