2024-2025 Educational Trips

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Embark on an extraordinary journey with Legacy Christian Academy as we proudly announce our exclusive 2024-25 educational trips, seamlessly integrated into your student’s tuition. These transformative experiences are not just excursions; they’re vital chapters in the Legacy story, shaping resilient, well-rounded individuals.

At Legacy Christian Academy, education extends beyond textbooks. These carefully curated trips are not mere destinations; they are gateways to new perspectives, forging resilience, leadership, and enduring friendships. Your child’s journey with
us is a tapestry woven with unique experiences, ensuring they emerge as strong leaders with a profound appreciation for history, culture, and each other.

4th Grade: Texas Time Travelers Unite!

Fourth graders at Legacy Christian Academy embark on an annual Texas trip to Austin and San Antonio, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of our state’s history. From touring the Capitol building and engaging with lawmakers to exploring locations such as the State Cemetery, visiting the San Jose Mission, the Alamo, and the Natural Bridge Caverns, this adventure extends the classroom into the heart of Texas. With a foundation in 4th grade Social Studies, students apply their knowledge about Texas History and the vital role of Christians in shaping history and politics. This trip is not just an exploration; it’s a catalyst for community building among students and parents, fostering lasting Legacy community connections.

8th Grade: Illuminating the Roots of Faith in D.C.

Eighth graders at Legacy Christian Academy embark on a profound journey to explore the roots of faith in America’s capital, Washington D.C. This pilgrimage is a culmination of their studies, where students witness firsthand the sites they’ve learned about in topics such as Arlington NationalCemetery, war memorials, the Smithsonian, National Archives, Capitol, Holocaust Museum, and the Museum of the Bible. Faith, history, and education converge in the heart of the nation. Devotionals, prayer time, and scripture are seamlessly integrated into this program, ensuring that students not only gain a comprehensive understanding of our nation’s history and culture but also experience personal growth in their faith. This trip is designed to be both intellectually stimulating and spiritually rewarding.
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12th Grade: Soaring to New Heights at Camp SOTO

Seniors, prepare for a transformative retreat! As a rising senior group, the trip to Camp SOTO in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas is not just an adventure; it’s a sacred time for reflection and connection. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes, students enjoy a worship night led by fellow students, nightly devotionals tailored to our senior class leadership journey, and ample free time for bonding activities. Embrace the camaraderie with ping pong tables, outdoor basketball courts, archery, high ropes courses, varying degrees of hikes (the fan-favorite Goat Cave awaits!), floating on inner tubes, swimming, fishing, nature walks, a petting zoo, and donkeys that roam around the property. Indulge in the snack shack and coffee shop, engage in board games and arts and crafts — all fostering a sense of togetherne


Contact Jenny Brady, Senior Director of Community Engagement, at jenny.brady@legacyca.com.