“And let us not grow weary… in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we DO NOT GIVE UP.” 

Galatians 6:9

The largest difficulty students face is procrastination. We think that there is still enough time to do it the next day, get distracted over the little things, or perhaps we just let our “lazy” creep in.  So, we procrastinate, binge-watch movies or television series, eat, and sleep until we forget the deadlines for our school work.  

Then comes the hardest part — trying to finish all of our work the hour before it is due. Most of the time when we try to finish it that way, it is not our best work. Then we get cranky and stressed and want to pretend it does not exist. 

So why do we procrastinate? For the most part, our reasons for delaying and avoiding are rooted in low self-confidence, lack of motivation, being overwhelmed by the task at hand, fear, and anxiety about doing poorly or looking stupid, not having control of our outcomes, or perhaps having our sense of self challenged. The point is, procrastination never helps us and it only makes our life more stressful. 

Here are some effective ways to not procrastinate and to be more successful this year:

High school girl studyingMake a TO-DO List:

When you have a to-do list, it can help you organize the things you need to do. You can rank what project or assignment needs to be done first (according to your deadlines and the amount of time you have to work). This can also help you in monitoring the work you have already finished and the things you have not done yet.

Have Dedicated Time for Schoolwork or Study:

Evaluate your daily schedule and set a reasonable regular study time when you can work on your schoolwork. This will help you to be accountable to sit down and finish your work.

high school boy studyingLimit distractions:

Try to distance yourself from things that distract you while you work. Put your phone away from you. It will make you finish your work faster and you can also learn easier. When on your computer, lock your social media or games to make sure that you will not check them and get distracted. Stay focused during your work time.

Create a relaxing environment:

Find a quiet workspace that you like that is not lying in your bed. Create a neat, pleasing area for you to work. Listen to relaxing acoustical or jazz music which can help clear your mind and remove unnecessary noises from your surroundings.

high school student getting help from his teacherAsk for help when needed:

There will be projects and schoolwork that will be really hard for you to handle or finish alone. Just don’t give up. If needed, ask for help from a friend or any person who you think can help you. Reach out to your teachers. Never, ever hesitate to ask; we are all just humans and most of the time we cannot do everything on our own.

Be reasonable:

Putting too much pressure on yourself can lead to taking too much time on your work. Remember, you will have a lot of projects and work, and making everything perfect will be impossible. The most important thing is to finish your projects and work on time.

three high school girls studying in the hallway

Reward yourself:

All work and no play can be draining and can make it hard for you to work. Remember to reward yourself after accomplishing your tasks. You are less likely to procrastinate when you feel happy, refreshed, and motivated! Get outside and move.

Let’s learn how to manage the time we have to finish the things that need to be accomplished. Further delaying it can cause not just physical, but emotional stress as well. Balancing your time well is the key. Not only can you enjoy this school year, but you can also enjoy your life!

Holly Hammond Senior Director of the Legacy Learning Center headshot

Holly Hammond currently serves as Senior Director of Legacy Learning Center (LLC).  LLC offers qualified students services and accommodations.  Holly has been in education working with learning differences for 15 years. “It is a blessing to have been a part of the Legacy family for over 17 years and work for Legacy the past 6 years.  Daily, I get to see how LCA equips students to reach their God-given potenital.”

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