Apologetics 101 – Defending Your Faith

Special Offer to LCA Parents, Grandparents, Faculty, and Staff
Have you ever wondered if your testimony is as effective as it could be? Have you ever wanted to be more winsome in sharing the gospel with others? Have you ever wished that you were more prepared to defend the truth of our faith when challenged by other worldviews? Our extraordinary Bible teacher, Mr. Ron Littleton, taught a crash course on apologetics to anyone who desired to grow in their faith and witness. This was a condensed version of the course he has taught to all Legacy high school students for over a decade.
We invite you to watch some of the messages he shared.   
Week 1 Topics:
  • Why I am a Christian. (or, Why are you a Christian?)
  • A Biblical approach to Apologetics. 
  • What is the main point of Christianity?
  • The Existence of God- (The heavens declare the glory of God.)
Week 2 Topics
  • Can we trust the Bible
  • Is the New Testament reliable history? 
  • How do we know, and how can we show the NT is reliable?
Week 3 Topics:
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who did He claim to be?
  • What are the alternatives?