College Counseling

Legacy Christian Academy's Department of College Counseling considers themselves a part of your familys team as your student applies to colleges. With our students achieving 100 percent acceptance into colleges and universities, we know our college counseling program works and provides families with the support they need during this important transition.

As you and your child approach this major decision, our college counselor guides you through the process, aiming to find the best fit colleges for your student's academic experience, interests, career goals, and God's calling in his/her life.

In line with Legacy’s mission statement, we want our students to be equipped to succeed in college and beyond. In order to accomplish this, we have the deep conviction that, in the College Discovery Process, we must guide students to understand their unique design, discover and steward their gifts for Kingdom work, and grow in their knowledge of our Creator. 

To educate, we communicate through emails, possess an open-door policy in our office, and present educational programs. These educational programs include college fairs, college lunch visits, informative presentations, and individual student and family meetings. 


Every LCA high school student has the opportunity to meet 1:1 with our Director of College Advising.

Beginning in 8th-grade, LCA students and parents have the opportunity to work with our college advisor to navigate the challenging journey to college. 


$30 Million

In the last 4 years, our students have been awarded over 30 million dollars in scholarships.

College Essay Support

All juniors receive assistance with their college application essays. 

Our students apply and are admitted to competitive universities. Here are some of the schools our graduates were admitted to and are attending:

2018-2022 College data

Early Admission

Our students apply to college early with the help of our Director of College Advising! 100% of the Class of 2022 applied and completed one college application by the college's early admission deadline.


Our students are getting scholarships to attend college! The Class of 2022 received total scholarship offerings of over 11 million dollars. 


Our students were admitted to a multitude of schools fitting our students' needs and fit. 

Our students are going far and wide for college!

Here is a breakdown of where the class of 2021 attended college:

Private college infographic


Attend private college

public college icon


Attend public college

texas state icon


Attend in-state college

us map icon


Attend out-of-state college

christian college icon


Attend Christian college

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Percentage of student-athletes signed and committed to play collegiate sports