With hearts filled with profound gratitude and deep respect, Legacy Christian Academy celebrates the retirement of our treasured Upper School Apologetics teacher, Mr. Littleton. After 45 remarkable years of unwavering dedication and unparalleled service in Christian Education, including 16 cherished years at LCA and 35 years coaching football, we take joy in honoring a true cornerstone of our institution.

Mr. Littleton's presence at Legacy has been nothing short of transformative. As the anchor of our Upper School Bible program, his steadfast commitment to fostering spiritual growth and intellectual curiosity has left a lasting mark on our LCA family. From his fervent pursuit of knowledge to his impassioned dedication to his students' eternal well-being, Mr. Littleton exemplifies the very essence of our school's mission:

“Developing strong leaders with biblical convictions who are equipped to succeed in college and beyond.”

A true scholar, Mr. Littleton's quest for knowledge led him to prestigious institutions like the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics, where he honed his expertise alongside the world's foremost biblical scholars. His passion for teaching extended beyond the classroom, evident in his fervent dedication to academically and spiritually shaping young minds.

In Mr. Littleton's classroom, students didn't just learn about defending their faith—they experienced it firsthand. Through his unassailable approach and resolute commitment to their spiritual growth, he instilled in them a profound understanding of Christ's teachings that will impact future generations.

As transformative as his impact on our students has been, his reach extends far beyond the four walls of his own classroom and has been a guiding light for colleagues as well. Reflecting on Mr. Littleton’s profound influence, Mr. John Keyes, Upper School Science Teacher, shares, “I have known Ronnie for more than 50 years. Ronnie has taught me how to be a teacher. He taught me how to coach, play golf, be a husband and father. Ronnie taught me about life. Once he jokingly told some people that he raised me. I laughed it off. But come to think of it… maybe he did.” This sentiment speaks to the immeasurable value Mr. Littleton has brought to so many in our cherished community.

Mr. Andrew Embry, Upper School Assistant Principal, shares how Mr. Littleton is not only a mentor but also a friend and example to he and many others who worked alongside him. He reflected on these sentiments by sharing the following, “[Mr. Littleton is] an old school coach and an old school Bible believer; we both loved talking about the “fire and brimstone” pastors of yesteryear. Our conversations through the years always led us back to our beloved mothers and how we loved them for showing us the “hand of deliverance.” The “Legacy” of Coach Littleton will be forever remembered in many hearts and lives…”

As Mr. Littleton embarks on this new chapter of his life, his legacy remains an integral part of the fabric of Legacy Christian Academy. 

Though Mr. Littleton may be retiring from the classroom full-time, we also celebrate a new chapter in his distinguished career. Alongside his retirement, we celebrate the introduction of parent classes, a testament to Mr. Littleton’s enduring commitment to education and his steadfast dedication to shaping not only the minds of our students but also the hearts of our parent community. 

To Mr. Littleton and his beloved wife, Kathy, we extend our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for their years of service, sacrifice, and devotion to Legacy Christian Academy. May your retirement be filled with joy, laughter, and abundant blessings.

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