Distance Learning Plan

Upper School
  • Students will follow a regular classroom schedule (8:30 am – 3:30 pm, M-T-TH-F) very similar to our current A/B schedule consisting of 80 minute instruction periods. Certain scheduled classes such as capstone, study hall, and aide will become independent study time during Distance Learning. Students should use this time to work on assignments.
  • Teachers will be accessible through various digital platforms during the student's class and during other times as designated by the teacher.
  • Students will have assignments and assessments just as they do when they are on campus. Interactive participation is a graded requirement. Higher weighted assessments will be due on Wednesday and Sunday evenings by 7:00 PM.
  • Attendance will be monitored by each teacher according to each student's engagement during the assigned period. If a student is ill, parents can notify teachers via email. Students are expected to make up assignments in the same manner as on-campus. Should a teacher notice a lack of online engagement by a student, the Dean of Students will be notified. The Dean will reach out to parents accordingly.
  • UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM AND PROGRAMS TO THE CURRENT VERSIONS. Please do this immediately so issues can be resolved as soon as possible.
  • USE THE GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER to access Schoology and online tools. We find that there are significantly less issues utilizing this browser rather than Firefox or Safari.

Upper School Schedule 2020-2021

Student Services Information:

  • Office of Guidance Counseling: Mrs. Snyder will be available to students while we are off-campus. Stay tuned for an email from her regarding setting up appointments to visit.
  • LLC – Mrs. Hammond: The LLC teachers are working hard to ensure that all LLC students receive accommodations and conferences, just as they would on campus. LLC staff will be in touch with students regarding conference times and how to best meet.

Student Tips:

  • Check your school email and Schoology regularly. Important messages regarding assignments and general business will be posted in these places.
  • You should get up and dress appropriately each day. Many of your classes will utilize LIVE conferencing from time to time. You must be presentable and in a distraction-free environment.
  • DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! The biggest struggle with online learning is the tendency to put things off to the last minute. Don't give in to the temptation. Use your open schedule times (study hall, athletics, capstone, aide, etc.) to work on schoolwork and stay up to date or ahead in your assignments and reading. If you begin to struggle with an assignment, reach out to your teachers early. It is still up to you to turn in assignments on time and be ready for tests. 
  • Communicate with your teachers. Stay engaged in your classes. Use the online tools that your teachers will share with you to give them feedback about what is working and what is a struggle for you. 
  • Keep all of your technology charged. Also be sure to save your files in the cloud through google drive, dropbox, etc. This will protect your work should your computer go down for technical reasons.
  • Take time after classes to do physical activity and take a break from screens. Play a game, go running or biking, bake a cake, be creative. 

Parent Tips:

  • Help your student establish a place in your home where he/she can attend school each day. If possible, make it a space that will be quiet during the day and allow your student to leave books and papers out and ready for work. Students should dress appropriately as some live interaction will take place via webcam.
  • Upper School students can manage their school experience. They can work out most challenges by communicating directly with the teachers on their own, just as they have in the physical classroom setting. Remind them to do this when they need help rather than reaching out to the teacher yourself.
  • Encourage them to eat well and drink lots of water. Being at home all day can lead to more than usual snacking, so offering healthy options would be a benefit to their brain health.
  • Help them to adhere to a schedule as they would if they were driving to school. Get 8 hours of sleep, wake up in time to get dressed for the day and have a good breakfast, and spend some time in physical activity and/or away from screens after school.
  • Check your own email regularly for up to date information from the school.
  • Reach out if you need our assistance. We are here to help you and your student to have a successful experience during this time.