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As a parent, you know that your child’s earliest learning experiences set the foundation for their future development. Choosing a great preschool will help them develop academic readiness skills… but these years are about much more than preparing for kindergarten. You want your child to flourish socially in a loving community, mature emotionally through nurturing care, and, most importantly, begin developing a biblical worldview and Christlike character.

At Legacy Christian Academy, our Early Learning program is designed to nurture the whole child as they set out on the journey God has for them. We equip our youngest learners to thrive in the classroom and beyond through a proven curriculum, exceptional teachers, and meaningful activities that ignite a love for learning.

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

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The learning environment at LCA

At LCA, we believe providing a top-tier Christian education begins in the early years. Because it is our vision to be the school of choice for Christian families in North Texas, we have invested in a beautiful Early Learning Campus with quality facilities, vibrant classrooms, and a high level of security.

On our Early Learning Campus, you will find:

  • Expansive Classrooms: Our preschool classrooms are spacious and inviting, with spaces designed for independent and collaborative learning, as well as two restrooms within each classroom.
  • Outdoor Learning & Play: Our three-acre Early Learning Campus features expansive, secured playgrounds, a greenhouse, and garden areas.
  • Optimal Class Sizes: Students feel known and loved in class sizes of 18 or fewer (depending on age), led by nurturing teachers and teachers’ aides.
  • A Strong Emphasis on Safety: We take student safety seriously. Armed security officers, surveillance technology, locked classroom doors, and badged access to a single school entry point through two sets of doors provides parents peace of mind.
  • Student Health & Wellbeing: Our Early Learning Campus has a full-time school nurse who oversees student health and provides compassionate care to our youngest learners. We also have a dedicated counselor to provide social and emotional support. One of our resident therapy dogs also makes regular visits to the ELC.

The Early Learning Campus also houses a library, technology/robotics center, music room, gymnasium, health clinic, and catering kitchen.

Preschool Programs

Our Early Learning programs are designed to help students move seamlessly from one age and stage to the next, mastering important readiness skills as they continue toward kindergarten. The following programs are available on our Early Learning Campus:

  • Pre-K 3 — Three years old by September 1
  • Pre-K 4 — Four years old by September 1
  • Pre-K 4 Spanish Immersion — Four years old by September 1 (space is limited)
  • Junior Kindergarten — For young five-year-olds that can benefit from a Kindergarten preparation class

Program Schedule

At LCA, all of our Early Learning programs are five-day, tuition programs. Families may bring their child on a condensed schedule; however, tuition will be for the full five-day program. If a family chooses a condensed schedule we ask that those days be Tuesday through Thursday.
All Early Learning classes begin promptly at 8:30 am. Parents may drop their children off as early as 7:30 am at no additional fee. Currently, our dismissal time is 2:30 pm for Pre-K 3 and 3:00 pm for Pre-K 4; however, minor adjustments may be made to these times year-to-year to accommodate families with students at multiple divisions.

Legacy Extended Care

We’re pleased to offer an after-school care program for our busy families, allowing their children to remain in a safe and familiar environment all day. Legacy extended care runs until 6 p.m. daily and is available at an additional cost. Students who participate will move to another classroom at the end of their school day to enjoy a snack, crafts, and outdoor play. In addition to our caring staff, after care students get to interact with LCA juniors and seniors who volunteer their time to support our youngest learners.

Tiffany McCollum Lower School Principal headshot

“When we decided to send our three-year-old to LCA, we knew she would be surrounded by people who loved her and would take great care of her. We’re confident and trusting in our school’s daily operations and its protocols to keep her absolutely safe while she’s away from us. There is always a security presence on campus, even during drop-off and pickup times. That’s always comforting. From secure man traps to locked doors 24/7, I know everything is being done to ensure the safety of every person on the ELC campus.”

—Bailey and Justin Watson, LCA Parents

Hands-On Learning

LCA Early Learning students love coming to school because they get to explore, create, get messy, and learn by doing. Our hands-on curriculum ignites curiosity and engages young minds. We use the research-based Frogstreet Press curriculum, which provides a strong foundation for academics and fosters a seamless transition from preschool to kindergarten. Core subjects include

  • Bible
  • Handwriting
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science

Special Classes

At LCA, specials aren’t just for our older students. Early Learning students enjoy a variety of weekly rotations that teach essential life skills and spark new interests:

  • Chapel
  • Gardening (onsite greenhouse and raised garden beds)
  • Library
  • Music & Movement
  • Science Lab

Intentional Tech Use

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, such as Promethean boards, computers, and iPads. While teachers may use these tools to increase engagement during specific lessons, we are intentional about developing young students academically and socially, primarily through off-screen learning.

Special Events

Early Learning students participate in many LCA traditions and special ceremonies such as pep rallies, themed parties, and schoolwide events. Our Pre-K 4 and Junior Kindergarten classes look forward to field trips, including a Pumpkin Patch trip in the fall, and Pre-K 3 students enjoy a variety of on-campus fun.

One School for Life

When you choose LCA, your child has the opportunity to be a member of our close-knit community until they graduate. This continuity is priceless. LCA Upper School students intern in Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classrooms, work in the extended care program, and build meaningful relationships with our youngest Eagles.

Tiffany McCollum headshot

“Legacy made a lot of wonderful improvements to our newly acquired Early Learning Campus to make it ready for our little Eagles. We replaced the gravel on the playground with turf, classrooms and hallways got a fresh coat of paint, and our children are enjoying hands-on learning opportunities in our new tech and science labs. Cameras have been installed in the hallways and outside of our building, and other security enhancements have been made to help ensure the safety of our campus.”

—Tiffany McCollum, Early Learning Campus Principal

Our Staff

Tiffany McCollum

Tiffany McCollum


Robyn Schuller

Robyn Schuller

Assistant Principal

Lisa Embry

Lisa Embry

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Robin Fogle

Robin Fogle

Early Learning Campus Admin Assistant

Kristin Gordon

Kristin Gordon

ELC & Lower School Counselor



Therapy Dog

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